Sol Phenduka returns to ‘Podcast and Chill’

Sol Phenduka returns to ‘Podcast and Chill’

Sol Phenduka, presenter of “Podcast and Chill with MacG,” returned to the program and stated he had suspected monkeypox.

Mpho Popps filled in for Phenduka while he was absent and was a success with chillers.

In the most recent episode of the podcast, Phenduka gives a detailed account of the illness (moneypox), stating that after experiencing a terrible fever one night, he visited a doctor, but a few days later, when he developed a pus-filled rash on his face, he had to return to the hospital for additional tests.

“I sorely missed you guys. I missed the show by the man of my teeth, it’s ridiculous. I had a fever, so I went to the hospital the next day to see a doctor, who prescribed me fever medication and painkillers. After two days, I am still taking medication. The following Friday, a rash develops.

“I return to the same doctor and inform him that I have developed a rash. I wore a buff because I was only breaking out at the time. He diagnosed me with a bacterial infection and prescribed medication, Phenduka claimed.


He claimed that the prescribed medication was ineffective, and after his third visit, the doctor admitted him to the hospital for a few hours to do tests.

“I was in in the morning and released about 7 p.m. Each day of my recovery, they provided me with exceptional supplies. “I never believed I would be okay again, buddy,” he told MacG.

After MacG questioned him whether he had monkeypox, he said, “Well, the government came to my house.”

“Apparently, only three people have it in Gauteng, and I am the third example. Government officials visited my residence, and their presence irritated me. They desired the scabs that were shedding (from his face). They said, “We need the pus,” he remarked.

Phenduka stated, in response to MacG’s inquiry on the government visit, “So the hospital drew a great deal of blood. They tested for Covid as well. The result was negative. The symptoms are identical to chickenpox.

“They wanted to admit me and bring in doctors from all over the world who are striving to win Nobel awards and all that nonsense, but I refuse to become a lab rat. So I responded, “No, guys, I want to go home.”

“Therefore, the government is doing its own testing because the hospital suspects it is monkeypox. You can die from it, but I’ve already endured the most difficult part. It all comes down to your immune system.

“You could die if your immune system, lungs, or heart are compromised,” he warned.

Phenduka stated that he did not know where he contracted chickenpox, while the crew joked that he may have contracted the disease while “having sex.”

Watch the full episode below.

»Sol Phenduka returns to ‘Podcast and Chill’«

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