Season 1’s Bridgerton costume designer spent ,000 on 1,800 gowns

Season 1’s Bridgerton costume designer spent $80,000 on 1,800 gowns

According to a new behind-the-scenes book, the costume designer for the first season of “Bridgerton” made 1,800 outfits and spent $80,000 on costumes.

Betsy Beers and Shonda Rhimes describe in “Inside Bridgerton,” a new book about the development of the first two seasons of the successful Netflix series, how costume designer Ellen Mirojnick produced hundreds of outfits for season one.

The book includes a remark from Sarada McDermott, a producer from the first season, who stated that the series’ clothes were created in a “factory.”

McDermott remarked, “We had to stage an enormous number of outfits.” “Ellen Mirojnick had a grand ol’ time and would spend $80,000 here and there on fabric when constructing her wardrobe. As the bills arrived, we would exclaim, “Oh, there goes Ellen, shopping again!””

The producer continued: “The factory eventually held 1,800 garments, all of which were cataloged. Phoebe has 86 gowns on her own.”

Also in the book, Mirojnick states that the team created 7,500 costume pieces, including “all period-appropriate underwear.”

Costumes play a significant role in “Bridgerton.” The show’s clothing are not only more vivid than those of a traditional period drama, but they also contain hidden messages.

Claudia Willen of Insider previously reported that the Bridgerton family wears more muted hues, such as blues and silvers, to indicate their traditionalism, but the Featheringtons wear bright citrus colors to represent their wealth.

In a May interview with People, costume designer for season two Sofia Canale explained that she dressed Penelope Featherington in a light-green outfit to represent the mixing of the Featherington and Bridgerton family colors and to anticipate her romance with Colin Bridgerton.

»Season 1’s Bridgerton costume designer spent $80,000 on 1,800 gowns«

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