Scottish accents give 32-year-old woman “heart palpitations.”

Scottish accents give 32-year-old woman “heart palpitations.”

A woman has stated that she has a severe phobia of Scottish accents that causes her to endure nausea and heart palpitations.

Kirsty Baker, a 32-year-old resident of Hampshire, recoils at the sound of a Celtic accent and has turned down dates owing to her illogical phobia, even fled a store when she encountered a Scot.

When she hears a terrifying accent, she has shut off the television and radio since childhood.

She stated, “I am fearful whenever I hear a Scottish accent.”

“My heart is pounding and I feel quite unwell. It is awful.’

At the age of ten, while attending a boat display with her parents, Kirsty developed a fear of Scottish accents.

A man on stilts wearing a red wig and a Tam O’ Shanter cap typical of Scotland approached her.

The man began speaking with a heavy accent, and his appearance and voice scared me.

I was able to escape by hiding behind my parents.

I have been frightened of Scottish accents ever since.

Recently, when Kirsty was in a store, a customer began speaking with a heavy Scottish accent.

She avoids meeting men whose profiles claim they reside in Scotland due to her paranoia.

She continues, “A few men have messaged me online, and once I find out they’re from Scotland, I ask whether they’re Scottish.”

In this situation, I will relate my phobia.

When I tell them I’m not kidding, they find it hilarious.

I explain them I have nothing against the Scots, simply their voices.

Several handsome men have probably passed me by due to my anxiety.

Even though the sound makes her uneasy, it is not taken seriously by everyone.

Kirsty’s elder brothers constantly torment her by imitating her accent.

“They always take the Mickey out of me,” she remarked.

“Imitating the accent without warning. They have no idea how distressing it is for me.

“I have to leave the room.”

Kirsty, a former fan of David Tennant, can no longer watch him on television.

She stated that because he had an English accent in Dr. Who. Before my mother informed me a few years ago, I was unaware that he was Scottish.

Unfortunately, I had a true liking for him.

Due to my fear, I have also never watched Braveheart.

If I am interested in watching a television program, I will determine whether any of the actors are Scottish.

It is not unexpected that Kirstin asserts she will never visit Scotland.

She stated, “That would be my greatest nightmare.”

»Scottish accents give 32-year-old woman “heart palpitations.”«

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