Retired plumber, 73, is found guilty of drunken loitering

Retired plumber, 73, is found guilty of drunken loitering

A grandpa who was found lurking outside his new, youthful neighbor’s house while intoxicated has been found guilty of public order offenses.

As he limped home after a night out, Dennis Ravenscroft, 73, stopped by the residence of Victoria Ormrod, a 26-year-old municipal finance worker.

The retired plumber was detained in April when Miss Ormrod, who had a Ring camera put on her front door in the Greater Manchester neighborhood of Stalybridge, was awakened by an alert.

Ravenscroft was seen on security camera attempting to unlock Miss Ormrod’s automobile doors. Additionally, his hands were seen sliding down his pants.

After the victim dialed 999, the elderly guy was later stopped by police before making it home.

Ravenscroft was given a two-year conditional discharge after admitting to using threatening or disrespectful behavior.

At Tameside Magistrates Court, he was sentenced to pay £85 in costs and a £22 victim surcharge.

On April 24, after stopping at his neighbor’s house, police officers stopped Ravenscroft, who could consume up to 14 pints in a single night, while he was on his way home.

As soon as Miss Ormrod realized she had just said hello to Ravenscroft upon moving into the neighborhood, she examined the surveillance tape on her phone and instantly recognized him as the perpetrator.

The court was informed by the prosecutor, Mr. Graeme Tindall, that Miss Ormrod had been awakened by a loud notification alarm from her Ring doorbell.

Miss Ormrod, who had just relocated to the neighborhood, wasn’t expecting any guests at 4.53 a.m. on a Sunday.

She saw Ravenscroft standing with one hand down his trousers and the other attempting to unlock the vehicle door on the ring video.

Ms. Ormrod acknowledged Ravenscroft as her “new neighbor,” agreed to saying hello to him a few times, and said she “never really got to know him,” according to the prosecution.

She was first reluctant to contact the police because of this, according to Mr. Tindall, but she did so as a result of Ravenscroft’s persistent attempts to open her vehicle door.

As he made his way back to his Booth Street house, Ravenscroft was unloaded. He definitely had been drinking, and the officers claim he offered no justification for his actions.

Tim Hughes, the defense attorney, remarked during mitigation, “This is a really tragic situation to be dealing with.” “My client is baffled as to why he would leave the house or be out at that hour.” In all honesty, he has the short-term memory of a goldfish and does suffer from short-term memory loss.

“He even forgot what he had stated to the probation officer an hour earlier when we interviewed him earlier.” He doesn’t believe himself to be responsible for his conduct because of these factors.

Despite the fact that he has never received a diagnosis, there is no question that he has a neurological condition. Dennis has had a very tough time getting a diagnosis because of his almost complete hearing loss, and COVID hasn’t made things any easier.

This is not some strange, beautiful, or extreme behavior, Mr. Hughes continued. He is unable to justify his actions that evening. When he moves his trash cans to the front of his home, that is generally the closest he comes to Ms. Ormrod’s address.

In my line of work, I run with a lot of folks who, when they claim they can’t recall what they did, are often attempting to manipulate the system or fly a kite. According to me, Mr. Ravenscroft is an exception to this rule since he has neurological abnormalities.

“My two parents both had dementia, and I am aware of the symptoms, therefore I believe Mr. Ravenscroft has some sort of undetected dementia.” He has expressed regret for upsetting Ms. Ormrod and is presently receiving state assistance. Who wouldn’t be humiliated by him?

The court heard a background probation report on Ravenscroft.

It stated: “His mobility has severely declined since he had a head injury when a gas bottle fell on him a number of years ago.

He had also been binge drinking at the time of the incident; every other night, he would go for about 14 pints to the neighborhood bar, never drinking at home. He has cut down to three to six beers every other night since this occurred.

He was a plumber and electrician who had his own company; he has been retired for ten years. Except for his son, grandkids, and brother Brian, who is here in court with him today, he lives at home and doesn’t spend much time with the rest of his family.

Except for a single theft conviction from 1983, he has a clean criminal record and is not currently seeing anybody.

Sentences for JP Although we are worried about your behavior, David Saville informed him that owing to the practical challenges this would provide, we will not enforce a restraining order between you and Ms. Ormrod.

“You should continue to avoid Ms. Ormrod for the foreseeable future,” I said. “You have obviously taken this all on board.”

»Retired plumber, 73, is found guilty of drunken loitering«

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