Reiki master finds angel outline in aubergine

Reiki master finds angel outline in aubergine

A mother of two described seeing the precise trace of an angle in her 14-year-old eggplant as a “miracle.”

In 2008, Maya Rana was preparing an aubergine dish when she broke up the fruit and saw the shape of an angel going through it.

When the 54-year-old developed an obsession with the supernatural entities, she began practicing reiki, a Japanese style of energy therapy, at the same time.

She has said that she heard them and that one morning a chorus of them sang in her bedroom and woke her up.

The reiki practitioner insisted on keeping the aubergine because she believed that seeing the angel’s outline in her food was proof that they were “with her.”

The reiki master is shown holding her circular slice, which has been carved by the fruit’s seeds into the shape of an angel with open wings.

‘I was extremely startled to find the angel in the aubergine, you don’t expect to see that,’ said Maya of Leicester, Leicestershire.

“I couldn’t believe it, the angel’s silhouette was clearly visible, and everything.” It immediately caught my attention as I was slicing into the aubergine.

“As I cut additional pieces, the aubergine was completely through.” I was slicing an eggplant when I noticed that every slice had the same contour across the whole fruit.

“To me, it seems to be an angel right immediately.” I stored the largest slice, which was the center one, and I still have it now, many years later, in a little freezer tub.

I can’t bring myself to discard it. Considering all the other things I was feeling at the same time, I simply think it’s miraculous.

“To me, it indicates the presence of angels.” You won’t see them or hear them until you genuinely believe in them, at which point they start making themselves visible to you.

After being divorced in 2008, the singleton said she began researching angels.

Maya’s interest in reiki was prompted by a friend who used to practice it who informed her she had a dream about angels and wanted to practice reiki.

She then began, finished, and performs for friends and family.

Things started occurring after I completed the reiki course and began learning more about angels, Maya said.

“I began noticing things, like the aubergine, the more I thought about it and investigated them.”

“I began to believe in it so strongly. I was searching charity stores for angel literature when I learned that there is a 21-day “clearing time” in reiki when negativity may be released.

You’ll hear and see things, but the priest advises not becoming alarmed. One night, as I opened my eyes, there was a large, lovely radiance in my chamber. I believe an angel was there.

I could literally just stare at it, and it seemed to be smiling. I cried aloud out of fear, and it immediately disappeared.

“One Christmas, a buddy of mine bought me a little book, which I used to read a few pages of each night before going to sleep.

“One night, after finishing it, I went to bed without setting an alarm. One morning when I woke up, all I could hear was a gorgeous chorus of angels singing.

I awoke wondering, “Oh my God, what was that?” It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It was incredible.

Since then, I haven’t seen any more angels in veggies. It only occurred once.

»Reiki master finds angel outline in aubergine«

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