R. Kelly, the devil with a lot of fans who had racism working for him

R. Kelly, the devil with a lot of fans who had racism working for him

If you are one of R. Kelly’s die hard fans, now is a good time to reconsider where your loyalties lie. With humanity or with the devil himself!

In the recently released documentary about R. Kelly’s recent past (Surviving R. Kelly), a lot was revealed about how he abused and mistreated children, majorly young and underaged girls.

He was able to continue the act for so long due to racism in America. While some women spoke out and protested, the United States police and law community generally, turned a deaf ear because white children were not the subject of the crime.

R. Kelly is a sex predator, as revealed in the documentary, who basically seeks out children, vulnerable young girls, promise them fame and use that as a hold on them.

R. Kelly used his fame and position to control children while abusing them. He would ask them to call him daddy and used a lot of dirty terms which he asked the underaged girls to say back to him according to the documentary on Netflix.

After establishing his position with the children, he would then perform all sort of dirty sexual act on them and even sometimes film them.

The documentary reveal that R. Kelly is a control freak, who would tell them children what they could and couldn’t do. He restricted the girls from speaking to anyone, not even their parents or other underaged girl he was having sex with.

He was accused of locking up underaged girls in lockers of his tour buss and rooms in his studio, even in hotels.

The abused children said anytime they did what he didn’t approve, he would beat them and in most cases, starve them, in some cases for 3 days.

Even after he was sued and acquitted the first time, R. Kelly continued the abuse of children.

According to the documentary, he felt invincible after the first acquittal and continued the criminal act with children.

He was said to have underaged girls in different rooms who were waiting and he would go to anyone of them anytime he wanted to abuse them.

R. Kelly is a star that should never have been, who has now been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, which is not simply enough for all the lives he has destroyed.

R. Kelly however keeps denying all the allegations although there are sex videos of him with children where he would pee in their mouth and body generally among other unimaginable things a child should not experience.

Women in the documentary say while R. Kelly appear loving, his real self, Robert is the devil.

Racism in America also helped R. Kelly in his abuse of children. The White jurors simply didn’t care when he was first sued and they acquitted him. One of the jurors said he actually judged the women not the criminal himself.

R&B singer R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison in sex case | Reuters

»R. Kelly, the devil with a lot of fans who had racism working for him«

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