Protesters burned the Australian flag and screamed “abolish the monarchy”

Protesters burned the Australian flag and screamed “abolish the monarchy”

After the national memorial ceremony for the Queen was conducted, protesters set fire to the Australian flag and chanted “abolish the monarchy.”

Protests against colonialism were staged in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra, drawing attention to the suffering of First Nations people.

Elders in Brisbane set the Australian flag on fire on top of a stack of blazing newspapers, while protesters in Melbourne tore the flag up at Birrarung Marr.

On the Queen’s National Day of Mourning in Melbourne, Senator Lidia Thorpe of the Federal Greens led a rally.

The Crown is guilty of murder. At the gathering, Ms. Thorpe said, “Our people are still dying in this nation every single day.

Our necks are being choked by the Crown, and we’re sick of it.

The gang then covered an insignia on the British Consulate in Melbourne with crimson dye that looked like blood.

Just after noon, hundreds of demonstrators marched from the Queen Victoria Statue and assembled in Brisbane’s central business district.

The protest’s message to England and the monarchy is to f**king burn, one speaker was overheard yelling.

Another demonstrator added, “We don’t need the numbers, we just need the enthusiasm.”

No Kings, No Cops, No Capitalists was the message on a banner held by the Socialist Alternative, an organisation that advocates for economic change, during the Brisbane demonstration.

Other demonstrators during the demonstration sported shirts that demanded the elimination of Australia Day.

Wayne Wharton (pictured centre) held up a flag for burning at Brisbane's anti-monarchy protest

One such garment was worn by Indigenous elder Uncle Wayne Wharton as he stood next to an Australian flag while other Indigenous protestors lit a flag on fire in Brisbane’s central business district.

Since the Queen’s passing, activist organisations have been organising the demonstrations.

Protesters in Sydney congregated in front of the Town Hall building in the central business district and spoke to the audience while standing on sandstone stairs.

A 31-year-old man had to be ejected from Government House in Adelaide by force after he screamed anti-monarchy chants and then resisted leaving.

He was led away from the property and given a 24-hour trespass notice prohibiting him from returning.

The protests were organised by the activist organisations Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) and Fighting in Solidarity Towards Treaties, among others.

“This is a position against the ongoing atrocities against marginalised Asian, Black, and First Nations groups. We want justice, the truth, and everyone’s responsibility; we do not support benefactors or Stolenwealth (sic). On Facebook, WAR said, “Justice for everyone.”

This protest is directed against racial colonial imperialism.

The establishment of an Indigenous treaty, Australia’s declaration as a republic, and justice in response to reports of First Nations deaths in detention were among the measures that were demanded on signs and banners displayed at the demonstrations conducted around the nation.

59 percent of all juvenile detainees in 2007 were Indigenous kids, according to official statistics.

Last year, 30% of all convicts were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

»Protesters burned the Australian flag and screamed “abolish the monarchy”«

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