Police say a man who “well” knew his girlfriend killed a TV anchor in Michigan

Police say a man who “well” knew his girlfriend killed a TV anchor in Michigan

A man has been accused by police of killing a TV anchor who “very well” knew his girlfriend and waited for him to return from a night job in Michigan.

After working a night shift at WWJ950 radio, Jim Matthews, 57, was discovered dead at his Chesterfield Township home.

Following his assault on Matthews on Friday, Arthur Williamson, 55, has now been charged by police with Matthews’ murder.

His accused attacker allegedly “welcomed into the residence” hours before his death and waited for him to return to the property before unleashing the savage attack, according to family members.

Nichole Guertin, 35, Matthew’s “on-off girlfriend” and the mother of his children, was stabbed numerous times, gagged, and tied, but she was able to flee the scene.

She ran away with their unharmed 5-year-old daughter, Rosie, and collapsed in a neighboring parking lot before managing to wave down a vehicle.

After the event, their 10-year-old son Hunter was chained, beaten, and bashed with a hammer before being placed in a closet.

He heroically attempted to fend off his father’s murderer before being brought to the hospital in a severe condition, where he eventually had brain and ear surgery.

Williamson was found by police in the family home’s basement overdosing on heroin and suffering from self-inflicted injuries.

Before being brought to the hospital and placed into police custody at Macomb County Jail, the 55-year-old was revived by authorities.

The children’s aunt Pammy Healy told DailyMail.com: “It’s someone Nicole knew.” I am aware of how well-versed he was in Nicole.

It’s quite unsettling. She said that the family was in disbelief and was attempting to be ready for when the kids came home.

According to family members, Nichole’s health has stabilized, and her daughter is still “normal and joyful” despite the horrific event.

Hunter had successful neck surgery, according to a GoFundMe page, and is now able to move both sides of his body.

After leaving the hospital, both kids will be cared for by their other aunt, Healy’s stepsister Ashley Quigley.

“Where they resided was the finer area of the town,” Healy added. Rosie is doing well.

“I’m so grateful that she isn’t nearly old enough to grasp it after what happened to her.” She’s upbeat and eager to see her aunt Ashley.

We hope Ashley will continue to be Hunter and Rosie’s guardian in the future.

According to reports, Jim, the brother of Matthews, also known as Nicolai, discovered him in a situation that rivaled one from a horror film.

There is no motivation, and I have no idea why [the suspect] was inside the residence, he said WXYZ. I spoke with the principal investigator, and my brother most likely found this when he got home.

He arrives at his house at 5:30 in the morning and was presumably assaulted by surprise.

“I think the 10-year-old Hunter was attempting to defend himself from this individual who was hitting and trying to murder his father, and that’s how Hunter ended up hurt, tied up, and placed into a closet,” the witness said.

The unidentified attacker, who is still hospitalized and in stable condition, is being prosecuted on a number of counts for the assault.

According to the police, the unnamed assailant was a friend of the family and a regular visitor to the house who had been let inside before carrying out the assault.

The late journalist, who served as the radio station’s nighttime news anchor for over seven years, was forced to pass away, and colleagues of the news anchor were compelled to relay the news.

Thousands of listeners were informed of the shocking news by Jacki Page, who said: “We are updating our top story this afternoon.”

It’s quite difficult to report. Jim Matthews, the host of our nightly newscast, was slain this afternoon in Chesterfield Township.

‘We are profoundly grieved to hear of the demise of our good colleague Jim Matthews,’ the Audacy statement said.

At this moment, we are unable to speak more since the police investigation is still underway.

»Police say a man who “well” knew his girlfriend killed a TV anchor in Michigan«

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