Philadelphians shocked by 750 murders since Memorial Day

Philadelphians shocked by 750 murders since Memorial Day

Residents of the crime-ridden city of Philadelphia have lamented a recent wave of violent crime that has resulted in more than 750 shootings since the end of May.

In the so-called City of Brotherly Love, shootings and assaults have been rampant since Memorial Day, with gun violence being especially persistent.

Since May 31, shootings have happened every day of the week and at any given hour, affecting almost every part of the city.

The crime wave, however, has not spared anybody; just last week, a Temple University graduate was shot and killed by a masked shooter while strolling down the street, and a 14-year-old football player was killed while returning home after a school game.

Additionally frequent have been large-scale looting and other blatant attacks, such as the one that took place over the weekend in which over 100 kids as young as 10 stormed and ransacked a Wawa convenience store.

Another, recorded event that further infuriated irate Philadelphians had a passenger being held at gunpoint by a masked marauder while waiting for the subway.

City authorities, including progressive Mayor Jim Kenney, convened a conference last month behind closed doors to examine how to lessen the violence in response to the constant stream of violent incidents.

In spite of this, gun violence has been on the increase, prompting many to criticize the city’s lax anti-crime laws and lawmakers and push for reform in a city that has been dubbed the cradle of American democracy.

Less than an hour had passed since the shooting near Roxborough High School, which resulted in five JV football players being shot, one of whom died. An angry resident expressed his displeasure with the city’s current state on Twitter, writing, “Progressive policies & being soft on crime only continues to destroy this city.”

The witness said, “But I’m sure the Dem’s will continue to gripe about it and STILL vote Democratic,” alluding to the forthcoming midterm elections in the city.

Another person who saw the incident in Philadelphia, where the suspects are still at large, commented, “Sickening to watch youngsters heading out of football practice be shot dead.”

The city’s controversial Attorney General and District Attorney, who have both been hailed as “progressives” and have implemented soft policies that have given repeat offenders multiple opportunities to avoid incarceration, attracted a great deal of attention in addition to the mayor and the city in general.

Larry Krasner, the contentious district attorney for Philadelphia, was re-elected in 2021 despite questionable impeachment efforts in 2022.

AG While Josh Shapiro, the twice-elected attorney general of the state, has long been criticized for being lax on crime.

“DemoFascists have built the Philadelphia that we see today!” Soon after the attempted mass shooting, a critic on the internet made a comment. Where kids can’t even play outside without fear of being shot! It’s a SOFT ON CRIME PROBLEM, not a “gun problem!”

The angry poster continued by noting that Krasner, 61, is one of several “awake” district attorneys funded by billionaire Democrat donor George Soros, who contributed roughly $1.7 million to the reelection campaign of the Philly DA in November.


The rise in incidents has spurred many to speak out against the city's soft-on-crime policies and politicians including its mayor, AG, and DA, calling for change in a city that has been touted as the birthplace of American democracy


The person also took a direct jab at Democrat Kenney, 64, saying, “Caused by Soros purchased @DA LarryKrasner and @PhillyMayor!”

Another person emphasized how AG Shapiro boasted about being “the tough on crime PA AG” despite doing nothing to address the latest rash of occurrences.

The user said, “Shapiro has done little to address the crime in Philadelphia while pretending to be the tough on crime PA AG.” “You can’t have it both ways,” they say.

What has the PA AG @JoshShapiroPA done to combat crime in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, a fellow spectator with similar views added?

Josh supports it, they continued, therefore that is the solution.

Another drew attention to the steadily rising number of carjackings and other blatant offenses in the once respectable city, which had already degenerated into a hedonistic haven perfect for career criminals before the epidemic – when both Krasser and Kenney were elected.

Shapiro’s entrance and the continuing dissatisfaction brought on by the lockdowns and limitations related to the coronavirus have now made things worse.

‘Hate to disappoint you, but horrible things do happen in Philadelphia – Trump was correct about that too,’ the resident wrote.

The user continued, “Born and raised in #Philly taught there for 20+ years.” Dem policies completely wrecked the city. criminalized catastrophe cannot even walk without risk. Carjackings cannot increase by 70%. The city is a joke.

Others cited officials’ inability to address the growing amount of firearms flooding the city’s streets, which is partly to blame for the city’s higher homicide rate than previous year, which was a record-breaking year for killings.

Tuesday, in reaction to the most recent incident that resulted in death, the user posted, “5 HS football players shot leaving the practice field in Philadelphia.” “Guns are coming up from the south in a constant stream,” someone said.

They added that Democrats, who the user said were only partly to blame for the sharp increase, should not get all of the blame.

They fumed, “Republicans b***h about crime, yet are participating in this.”

Other pointed to official's failure to address the increasing number of guns flooding the city's streets, which has largely contributed to the city's homicide rate surpassing that of last year – then a record year for murders

Another noted that the shooting had occurred in a suburb outside the city, where violence had previously been far less common.

The user described the Pennsylvania community where the 14-year-old football player was killed as “Roxborough-thought to be secure.” “There is nothing secure left in Philadelphia.” It’s very sad.

“The cradle of liberty is a quagmire of murder and crime,” they would continue.

One individual charged AG Shaprio of “allowing Philadelphia to go to crap, being soft on crime, standing against parents, raising taxes, and destroying small business.”

The mayor signed an order on Monday banning people from carrying weapons in public spaces including parks and schools in response to the barrage of criticism that followed a number of worrying city-wide occurrences for which Philly police made an appeal to the mayor.

In June, after an overnight mass shooting that left three people dead and at least 11 wounded in his city, the Democrat mayor of Philadelphia denounced the “horrendous, audacious and terrible act of gun violence” that was afflicting the country.

Kenney demanded that authorities “address the availability and ease of access to weapons” in the US as a manhunt was being conducted for the shooters responsible for the heinous incident on Saturday.

Kenney, like many of his Democratic colleagues, has long advocated for greater gun regulations and more effective steps to reduce gun violence.

We will always have an uphill struggle until we address the availability and ease of access to guns. The mayor said, “As Mayor, I will continue to work for the safety of our neighborhoods and encourage people to support stricter gun control regulations that keep weapons out of the hands of criminals.”

“I’m not just upset; I’m enraged about the rise in gun violence that we’ve witnessed around the country, including here in Philadelphia.” All of our local and federal law enforcement agencies are working together with our administration to minimize violence and build safer neighborhoods.

The shooting outside Roxborough High School happened the day after the order went into force.

Surrounding 4:30 pm, police officers cordoned off the area around the crime site and reported that the shooting had place during a football practice near Roxborough High School.

Investigators said that the five Roxborough junior varsity football players were exiting the school’s football field when at least two assailants fired a volley of shots from a Ford Explorer.

According to authorities, the juvenile victim was shot and eventually passed away from his wounds, while two of his teammates, aged 14 and 17, were also wounded and taken to a local hospital where they remain in stable condition.

According to police, a fourth player had a graze wound but did not need medical attention.

The fifth victim, who was also hospitalized, has not had his or her condition made public. Despite the fact that there were several witnesses and that the suspects fired over 70 bullets, no arrest has yet been made.

Following that high-profile event, a 23-year-old Temple University graduate who had previously worked as Democrat Congressman Brendan Boyle’s intern was shot and killed in what seemed to be a calculated attack.

Philadelphia police first believed the assassination to be a failed robbery, but they now think the recent college graduate was chosen at random.

The shooter, a slim-built individual wearing a black sweatshirt, black jeans, and a medical-grade mask, was seen pacing on 35th Street between Hamilton and Spring Garden streets in a video that was provided by the investigating authorities.

The suspect’s hand was shown in the footage with the pistol in his pocket. He walks while anxiously adjusting the firearm with his free hand.

The culprit turned around and shot as the former campaign worker passed, killing him.

The man was shot once, according to the police, and the bullet destroyed his spinal cord.

Authorities in Philadelphia are offering a reward of $20,000 for information that will result in the gunman’s capture and conviction.

Recent alma mater of Beauregard published a little tribute to him on Twitter.

We were shocked to discover that Temple graduate Everett Beauregard had tragically passed away after being shot and murdered in West Philadelphia last night. College officials commented, “He had a very bright future ahead of him, and it is beyond sad knowing we will no longer be able to see him rise with his fellow Owls.

After the incident, US Representative Brendan Boyle posted a message on Facebook criticizing the rise in gun violence in the nation.

Boyle tweeted, “I am heartbroken to discover that a member of my team, our former campaign intern Everett Beauregard, has become a victim of the horrific scourge of gun violence.”

Everett supported my campaign in the 2018 midterm elections. He significantly aided in our election success that year.

He was a kind, well-liked, and focused young guy with a promising future. In this terrible moment, we weep alongside his family and friends and let him know how much we will miss him.

Police haven’t made an arrest, and they haven’t been able to come up with a reason for the horrifying homicide.

A hundred people, many of them youngsters, stormed the area’s renowned convenience store Wawa a few days before, causing Philadelphia to go global. in the Mayfair district of the city.

The event happened a few weeks after many Wawas were allegedly trashed by dozens of young people in Philadelphia’s Center City, forcing businesses to shut early.

A video showing a shooter putting a firearm to a subway passenger’s head during the crime-riddled period that locals have dubbed the “summer of mayhem” and which witnessed over 750 shootings also emerged last week.

The distressing video, which quickly became popular online, shows the guy, who is wearing a black hoodie, standing up and aiming his pistol towards the platform passenger’s head.

The incident occurred in July, according to statements made to by SEPTA and Philadelphia police.

No one was hurt, according to a SEPTA representative, and no guns were fired during the incident.

As a spectator videotaped the encounter, the guy seemed to brush off the possible danger while sitting on the ground wearing a white hat and sipping water from a bottle.

No arrests have been made, according to police and transportation spokespeople, and the incident is still being investigated.

Before making it private, the gunman’s Instagram account appears to have shared the footage.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, it happened during a summer in which, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 750 gunshots were place in the City of Brotherly Love.

According to Fox29, a 19-year-old was shot 21 times in the body earlier this month and killed. In this instance, police have not yet made an arrest.

Violence has dramatically increased in the “City of Brotherly Love,” with total crime up more than 26% so far this year compared to the same period in 2021.

While there has been a noticeable decline in assaults and rapes this year, there has only been a little decrease in killings, from 378 cases last year to 385 so far this year.

Police have reported 1,706 gunshot instances so far this year, up from 1,650 in 2017, a 3.4% increase in shooting victims.

The most significant increase has been in robberies, with 4,199 cases reported this year, up 40.5 percent from the 3,042 cases reported in 2016.

Police unions and other officials have fought with Krasner, a pioneer in the progressive prosecutor movement, over their claims that he is lax on crime.

In June, after an overnight mass shooting that left three people dead and at least 11 wounded in his city, the Democrat mayor of Philadelphia denounced the “horrendous, audacious and terrible act of gun violence” that is afflicting the country.

Jim Kenney demanded that authorities “address the availability and ease of access to weapons” in the US as a search for the perpetrators of Saturday’s heinous crime got under way.

»Philadelphians shocked by 750 murders since Memorial Day«

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