Penny Mordaunt’s transphobia dissuades MPs from backing her leadership bid

Penny Mordaunt’s transphobia dissuades MPs from backing her leadership bid

Due to her lack of expertise and position on transgender rights, Tory MPs have cautioned their party’s members against supporting Penny Mordaunt for prime minister.

After placing third in the last election, it is predicted that the Leader of the Commons will enter the race to succeed Liz Truss.

The opinions of Miss Mordaunt on trans rights, however, have been criticized by MPs as a “major barrier” to her goals.

The Portsmouth North MP came under fire for her “woke” ideas during the summer’s contest for the Tory leadership.

But after claiming that trans people, whom she had previously maintained were women, were not, she faced criticism for an apparent shift in position.

Penny Mordaunt’s views on transgender individuals are a significant obstacle to her aspirations to become prime minister, a former Cabinet minister said last night. The majority of female voters would abstain if she were to win the election.

There is a lot of discussion that she leaves a chaotic disaster in her wake everywhere she goes, according to a senior Tory. But I’m also unsure about her opinions. She has never had an original thought in my knowledge throughout her life.

I have no idea what motivates her, and there are undeniable problems with her trans viewpoint that will turn off a lot of people.

Miss Mordaunt, a former trade minister with Cabinet experience in the defense and foreign development portfolios, competed against Boris Johnson with the slogan “PM 4 PM.”

The Royal Navy Reservist, who supported Miss Truss over Rishi Sunak in the head-to-head round, almost lost out on a spot.

Following the departure of the PM, Miss Mordaunt stated yesterday that she intended to “stay cool and go on” and urged others to do the same.

She also praised the incoming Chancellor Jeremy Hunt before telling MPs that the nation needed “stability and quiet.”

She reacted to Labour’s criticism by stating: “Market functioning has improved, borrowing rates have decreased, and the pound is gaining… The global economy is still remarkably unstable, yet the economy is nevertheless robust.

»Penny Mordaunt’s transphobia dissuades MPs from backing her leadership bid«

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