November film on Polish cardinal’s communism resistance

November film on Polish cardinal’s communism resistance

In a film set for release in November, the heroism of a Polish cardinal who opposed communist authorities intent on destroying the Catholic Church is depicted.

“Prophet” tells the account of the significant events in the life of Blessed Stefan Wyszyski, who led the Polish people out of one of the darkest periods in their history.

During his primacy, the cardinal, who was born on August 3, 1901 and passed away on May 28, 1981, courageously spoke out against the Stalinist rule and stood up against their assaults on the Catholic Church and religious liberty.

As the archbishop of Gniezno and Warsaw, he was imprisoned by the People’s Republic of Poland’s communist dictatorship at the time.

The film’s director, Michal Kondrat, who is well known for directing “Purgatory and Faustina: Love and Mercy,” spoke with CNA about the historical research and interviews conducted for the project.

“During the film’s production, I conferred with individuals who knew him [Wyszyski] firsthand, such as Stenia, one of the eight ladies who discreetly supported his activities,” he explained.

Professor Pawe Skibiski, who has spent over three decades researching Wyszyski’s memorials, also provided me with a wealth of valuable resources. Additionally, he provided me with the once-secret transcripts of the cardinal’s conversations with communists. They assisted us in recreating the dialogues that occurred, which is a fascinating component of the story,” Kondrat explained.

In November, the 126-minute Polish film with English subtitles will be released in Poland and the United Kingdom. The $3 million picture will be released in Spain, France, Mexico, and Latin America in the following year.

The film’s distributor, Fathom Events, is where you can get tickets to see the movie.

Kondrat stated that he desires for the world to learn about Wyszyski and his relationship with Karol Wojtyla, who would become Pope John Paul II.

He stated, “I feel the world should be aware of his history.”

Although Wojtyla is not the major character, according to Kondrat, he appears in multiple situations.

This plot will assist American viewers grasp the rise of Pope John Paul II in the context of Polish history and Cardinal Wyszyski’s spirituality that preceded him, he said.

Kondrat stated that the picture is “very relevant” to contemporary international affairs, citing the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“Russia is attempting to take Ukraine and recreate its empire, but it has a thirst for other countries that were once part of the Soviet Union or in its area of influence, including Poland. “If Putin’s screenplay were to be realized, we would return to the era depicted in the film,” he stated.

The picture, according to Kondrat, features an abundance of spectacular effects and a strong ensemble that includes renowned Italian and Polish performers.

Polish actor Slawomir Grzymkowski is portraying the role of Wyszyński.

There are 300 performers, 4,000 extras, and forty stuntmen in the picture. Kondrat stated that one of the greatest Polish composers, Bartosz Chajdecki, composed the film’s musical score.

On September 12, 2021, Pope Francis beatified Wyszyski.

»November film on Polish cardinal’s communism resistance«

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