North Dakota driver murdered a child following Biden’s ‘violent comments’

North Dakota driver murdered a child following Biden’s ‘violent comments’

After a car struck and murdered a child because he was apparently mistaken for a “Republican radical,” Republican Senator Rand Paul warned that President Joe Biden’s “rhetoric” against his opponents might have “violent repercussions.”

Following a street dance, Cayler Ellingson, 18, was hit and murdered early on Sunday in McHenry, North Dakota.

Charges against Shannon Brandt, 41, include vehicular murder, DUI, and fleeing the scene of an accident that killed someone.

According to the arrest document, Brandt subsequently admitted to punching the teenager during a previous fight about politics and thought Ellingson belonged to a “Republican extreme organisation.”

According to Stutsman County jail records, Brandt was freed from custody on Tuesday after posting a $50,000 bail. Republicans have speculated that the violence may have been caused by the Democrats and Biden’s remarks.

It comes in response to criticism of Biden’s address in Philadelphia earlier this month, during which he singled out Donald Trump and his followers and referred to them as a danger to democracy.

Words may have severe repercussions, Paul said in a statement to Fox News. ‘President Biden has to understand that by demonising his opponents, some of his fans are becoming violent. Both sides must acknowledge the effects of strong speech as they are both victims of political violence.

After the 2020 Republican National Convention, a crowd of demonstrators singled out Paul and his wife for attack.

According to House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, who was shot while practising for the 2017 Congressional Baseball Game, Biden ought to denounce this “tragic” instance of “leftist violence.”

People of all political stripes should denounce political violence when it occurs, and I would want President Biden and other Democratic leaders to denounce this horrible conduct with the same fervour.

The President has made it plain that our country opposes violence as a political weapon, and we do not advocate violence, the White House said in a statement to Fox.

A representative for Biden said, “It has no place in our political debate, and we condemn it.” She cited a line from Biden’s address in Philadelphia that read, “There is no place for political violence in America.” Period. Never, none.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene alleged on Twitter that “an 18-year-old was assassinated in cold blood by a Democrat political terrorist because of statements like this.” Democrats have already begun murdering Republicans because they want them dead. Democrats’ political campaign against loyal Americans must come to a stop.

According to a probable cause document, Brandt told investigators he left the area after hitting Ellingson, came back for a short while, phoned 911, and then departed once again.

According to the court record, Brandt admitted to drinking before hitting Ellingson and said he believed the adolescent was summoning individuals to attack him as a result of their argument and that he felt intimidated.

He claimed to have hit Ellingson because the pedestrian “was menacing him,” according to state first responders.

In court papers, it is reported that Brandt “said that he had a political debate with the pedestrian who then contacted other individuals and Brandt was terrified they were coming to get him.”

Brandt acknowledged to State Radio that he struck the pedestrian, who belonged to a Republican extreme organisation, and that the victim was hit.

“Brandt stated that he left the site of the event, came back, and then dialled 911.”

Ellingson was taken by ambulance with critical wounds to a Carrington hospital. He was identified as deceased.

Shortly after the police arrived, the families of both Brandt and Ellingson came.

Later on Sunday, investigators detained Brandt at his Glenfield residence.

Records state that Brandt “confessed to drinking before the event.”

According to officials, he gave his assent to a chemical breath test, which revealed that his blood alcohol concentration was higher than the legal driving limit of 0.08%.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of former President Trump, became interested in the case.

An 18-year-old conservative was killed by a 41-year-old lefty, and the media made no mention of it. There is no relation to Joe Biden’s ridiculous remarks from two weeks ago… It’s as if it never occurred and that it doesn’t matter. Trump tweeted on Tuesday, “Of course Trump would not receive that advantage b/c our media is broken!”

The assertion made by Brandt in his political argument has not been proven, according to Capt. Bryan Niewind of the North Dakota Highway Patrol, who assisted in the investigation into the tragedy. This is because the inquiry is still continuing and additional witnesses need to be questioned.

The specifics of the purported disagreement have not been made public.

The affidavit said that Ellingson’s parents eventually admitted to police that they knew Brandt but did not think their son did.

When Ellingson contacted her at about 2:40 a.m. to inquire whether she knew Brandt, she was en route to pick him up from McHenry, according to Ellingson’s mother.

A short while later, Ellingson phoned back and said that “he” or “they” were pursuing him.

After then, she was unable to contact him, according to the affidavit.

»North Dakota driver murdered a child following Biden’s ‘violent comments’«

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