Nicki Minaj says rape haters “weaponize the word Rape” during Latto beef

Nicki Minaj says rape haters “weaponize the word Rape” during Latto beef

Nicki Minaj has been embroiled in a Twar with Latto since Friday morning, following a claim that her hit track “Super Freaky Girl” will not be nominated for any rap categories at the 2019 Grammy Awards and would instead fall under pop.

Multiple sources indicate that “Big Energy” by Latto has been submitted for contention in at least one rap category at the awards.

Minaj responded by tweeting that if she was not to be nominated in the rap category, then neither should Latto.

“I have no problem with being removed from the RAP category as long as we are ALL treated EQUALLY,” she stated.

“If SFG has shifted $2 billion out of RAP, then so has Big Energy! ANYONE who disagrees is either a Nicki Minaj hater or a troll. I would absolutely LOVE to see a boy OR female break more street records! IJS rightIs Correct.”

Later, she defended herself against those who criticized her for dragging Latto into this by arguing that she works too hard and deserves to defend herself because she was intentionally treated unfairly.

“Could you imagine someone asking you not to “complain” about unjust treatment at work? This is my career. I work really hard.

“No different from a 9-to-5, where you should speak up if you’re a terrific employee and continue to be undermined on purpose.”

Minaj then turned her attention to Latto and other trolls who referenced her “rapist” husband and brother, following a lengthy exchange between Minaj and Latto in which Minaj mocked Latto’s poor first-week album sales and Latto claimed Minaj was too old (“you’re literally older than my mom”) to be bullying her.

Latto wrote, “Super weird grandma is matted AND linked to f***** rapists.”

“You won’t intimidate me, B****!”

Kenneth Petty, Minaj’s husband, served time in jail for attempted rape in 1995, and Jelani Maraj, her brother, was convicted of predatory sexual assault against a kid.

Minaj responded through a series of deleted tweets. One of them read, “Y’all keep allowing these idiots to weaponize the word ‘rape’ when they are being dragged and not holding them accountable for not genuinely caring about rape victims in REAL LIFE.”

“They have the same two complaints about me, and one of them has never heard of me. This is how you can tell when you dat btch ”

»Nicki Minaj says rape haters “weaponize the word Rape” during Latto beef«

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