New book says Asia Argento urged Anthony Bourdain to ‘stop crushing her balls’

New book says Asia Argento urged Anthony Bourdain to ‘stop crushing her balls’

Hours before Anthony Bourdain committed himself, Asia Argento texted him to warn him to quit “busting her balls,” according to a shocking new biography.

She broke up with him after complaining about his “possessiveness”, and he later alleged that she had been seen flirting with a French journalist at a hotel where they had fond memories.

The texts have now been made public in Down and Out in Paradise: The Life of Anthony Bourdain, a new biography of the chef and the first book to be published “unauthorizedly” after his death. Argento and the chef’s brother have both fought to prevent the publication of the book.

In 2018, while shooting on location for his popular CNN series Parts Unknown, Bourdain hung himself in a hotel room in France.

The TV star received a significant amount of popular sympathy; his supporters praised him for overcoming addiction to start a great career and for his unassuming, down to earth demeanor.

The idea that Bourdain is the hero of the people is contested by the book.

He allegedly became dependent on steroids, engaged in heavy drinking, and engaged in prostitution.

He berated his supporters in a text message to his ex-wife Ottavia Busia-Bourdain, writing, “I despise my fans, too. I detest having fame. I despise my work. I am alone and surrounded by uncertainty all the time.

The text messages, emails, and internet search history that Bourdain used to communicate with Argento are all included in the book.

He was the reason for her breakup because of his “possession” of her.

Photos showing the Italian actress dancing with journalist Hugo Clement in the foyer of the Hotel de Russie in Rome, where she and Bourdain had fond memories, had devastated Bourdain.

He conducted “hundreds” of further internet searches for her name, according to the book.

He enquired in their last communication, “Is there anything I can do?”

‘Stop crushing my balls,’ she said.

After saying, “OK,” he subsequently killed himself.

Asia Argento and Bourdain’s family have already filed a lawsuit against the book, accusing Leershen of several errors. It is supported by Simon & Schuster.

According to Christopher Bourdain, Anthony Bourdain’s brother, “Every single thing he writes about relationships and interactions inside our family as kids and as adults he manufactured or got utterly incorrect.”

Argento added that it was incorrect.

She allegedly forbade the journalist from releasing an email to her in which she stated: “It is always Judas who writes the biography.”

It is scheduled for publication on October 11 despite their efforts to prevent it, which according to the Times include two letters to the book’s publisher.

Its publishing is not being resisted by Busia-Bourdain. The author cites messages and emails they exchanged and says she had grown to be his confidante.

In one, Bourdain admitted to his ex that he had been “hopelessly in love” with Argento for two years.

According to the book, Argento “grew so controlling that she examined Mr. Bourdain and his wife’s social media accounts, blowing out when she saw photographs of him with his family.”

Because Asia might flip out, you didn’t want me to include a photo of you in it, and I have a feeling that won’t change any time soon.

I’m sick of acting as if I don’t know you. Or that we are never in the same location at the same time,” Busia-Bourdain said.

“I feel you,” he retorted. However, I was being sincere. It’s a terrible scenario with the paps [arazzi].

But ever since I left you guys, she’s been freaking out.

He supported her in public and in private, covertly settling Jimmy Bennett’s accusation that she had abused him by having an affair with him when he was 17 and she was 37 by paying him off.

After hearing Argento openly discuss being a victim of Harvey Weinstein, Bourdain stepped out.

Leershen contends that the negative picture he creates of Bourdain is why he is encountering opposition.

Many individuals were open to speaking with him since they had been abandoned by Tony and the Tony train, he said.

Argento has expressed her sorrow in public. She said that the agony “never fades” on an Italian TV program in October 2018.

»New book says Asia Argento urged Anthony Bourdain to ‘stop crushing her balls’«

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