Motivational Speaker Scott Mautz Unveils Six Key Factors for Mental Toughness in His New Book

What if the key to a successful and happy life lies in how you bounce back from life’s setbacks? Scott Mautz, a motivational speaker and former Procter & Gamble executive, believes this is the case.

In his latest book, he argues that the most successful people are those who possess mental toughness, which enables them to regulate their emotions and control their thoughts and behaviors.

Scott Mautz’s Research on Mental Toughness

Mautz has dedicated three decades to studying how leaders cultivate mental strength.

He identified six core factors that these leaders rely on: confidence, fortitude, boldness, decision-making, goal-focus, and messaging.

According to Mautz, these factors form the foundation of mental toughness.

Six Phrases to Build Mental Toughness

Mautz suggests that you can bolster your mental toughness by incorporating six key phrases into your daily routine.

These phrases, much like a weight lifter’s reps, strengthen your subconscious and prepare you to face challenges head-on.

Building Confidence

If you struggle with confidence, Mautz recommends the phrase, “I’m enough.”

Confidence is crucial for success, both professionally and personally.

Studies, such as a 2008 study involving over 12,000 men, show that confident individuals tend to earn significantly more than their less confident peers.

Mautz emphasizes that the only comparison that matters is between who you are today and who you were yesterday.

Focus on your growth.

Embracing Fortitude

Fortitude, the ability to endure pain or adversity, is another key pillar of mental toughness.

When facing difficult situations, Mautz advises asking yourself, “What possibilities does this setback present?” Reframing setbacks as opportunities can help you work through problems instead of giving up.

Cultivating Boldness

Mentally tough individuals have a bold streak.

Mautz encourages you to ask yourself, “Am I letting myself dream big?” Believing in your ability to achieve ambitious goals is the first step toward making those dreams a reality.

You need to allow yourself to think big and believe that big things can happen to you.

Enhancing Decision-Making Skills

Efficient decision-making is another crucial trait of mentally tough people.

Mautz suggests asking, “What’s the cost of indecision?” Indecisiveness can stem from low self-esteem, fear of failure, or anxiety.

By focusing on the stakes involved, you can remember the importance of making timely decisions and avoid getting bogged down by overthinking.

Controlling the Controllable

Mentally tough individuals have a realistic view of what they can and cannot control.

Mautz recommends asking yourself, “Am I controlling the controllable?” Instead of worrying about factors beyond your control, focus your energy on the aspects you can manage to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.

Reframing Daily Tasks with Gratitude

Finally, Mautz suggests reframing arduous daily tasks by telling yourself, “I don’t have to do this; I get to do this.”

This simple shift in perspective can unlock gratitude, making you feel re-energized and more positive about your responsibilities.

When you approach tasks with enthusiasm, you’re more likely to perform them effectively.


By incorporating these six phrases into your daily routine, you can strengthen your mental toughness and better prepare yourself to tackle life’s challenges.

Remember, success and happiness often depend on how you handle setbacks and push forward.


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