Most people use vacations to sleep and relax

Most people use vacations to sleep and relax

The majority of individuals find that holidays provide a rare chance to catch up on sleep and relaxation.

However, Lara G., who participated in Disney’s International College Program (ICP) in 2008 and 2009, told Insider that those early morning hours are often your best option for seeing the well-liked attractions with fewer lines.

She advised getting up really early to see the most popular places first. It may be really annoying to waste three hours of your day waiting to ride Soarin’ Around the World at Epcot.

Making a beeline for the items at the top of your list is essential since many of the best rides and attractions have wait periods of an hour or more.

Visitors from Florida may want to avoid Magic Kingdom on Mondays.

The Disney parks are often busier on weekends and holidays. But William S., who worked as a participant in the Disney College Program (DCP) in 2008 and then returned to work in the parks in 2009 and 2010, suggests that you may want to reconsider visiting Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on a Monday.

He advised against visiting Magic Kingdom on a Monday since he was a former Disney employee. On Mondays, crowds are often bigger than throughout the rest of the week.

Disney refers to all of its park staff as “cast members.”

It’s not always necessary to spend the whole day dragging your mementos around the park.

During a day at the parks, it might be difficult to resist the impulse to fill up on your must-have souvenirs, but if you’re staying at a Disney resort, you can give your arms a much-needed rest.

William S. advised Insider, “If you are a collector like me who hoards things, have your purchases transported to your resort so you don’t have to lug them around all day.” You may still have things delivered to the park’s entrance for collection when you depart if you are not staying there.

Don’t forget to take sunscreen since it may be sunny in the parks all year long.

There’s a strong likelihood that if you travel to a Disney park, particularly one in Florida, you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors and expose your skin to more sunshine than usual.

Brittany B., a different former DCP alumna, advised visitors to have sunscreen with them at all times.

“The sun is powerful even if it isn’t that hot outdoors. I saw a lot of folks with dreadful sunburns, “She stated.

Sunburns are one of the quickest ways to spoil a trip, so it’s important to apply sunscreen in the morning before travelling to the park and to reapply throughout the day.

Yes, Mickey and his pals experience extreme heat all day long.

It’s possible that you’ve heard tales that Mickey and his other animal companions have built-in fans or cooling systems, but Emily, a former member of the entertainment troupe, says that’s untrue.

“The one question I continue to receive and would answer on site is if the outfit had fans inside it. Nope! And sure, it is really warm there “She said. “You only spend a half-hour at a time on set, however. If the temperature is higher, even less time.”

You may often acquire a cup of water for free in instead of purchasing a water bottle.

Water stations are sometimes positioned all across the parks.

INSIDER: Kim Renfro

You should make sure you’re getting enough water during the day at the Disney parks, especially during the warmer months.

Buying water bottles for $5 at the parks is a trap that should never be fallen into, said Rachel W., a former employee of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. “A complimentary cup of water is almost always available in quick-service restaurants, and some have large coolers that you may refill. It significantly reduces costs.”

Without paying the price of park entry, you may still enjoy a lot of the wonder of Disney.

Former Epcot cast member Amanda C. suggests spending the day in Disney Springs, Walt Disney World’s on-property shopping, dining, and entertainment complex, if you’re going to the Disney parks in Orlando, Florida.

“Outside of the parks, spending the day in Disney Springs is possible. Most importantly, it’s free! If you don’t want to purchase a ticket on the day of travel but still want the kids to have a good time, meet characters, eat at some very amazing restaurants, and go shopping, it’s excellent “She spoke to Insider.

Safety is the first priority for Disney cast employees.

Brittany B. said to Insider that she wished guests understood that safety is the main concern for cast members.

According to Brittany B., “We spend hours training on how to guarantee customers are safe and have a great experience.” When cast members advise visitors not to stand on rails or to keep their hands inside the ride cars, it’s only to keep them safe, not to anger them or make their day harder.

Remember that cast members are there to make sure you’re having a fantastic time safely. She said, “Leaving Disney with an arm in a cast or a cut isn’t magical for anybody.”

No matter how little your request may appear, cast members usually can’t make an exception for you.

Don’t urge cast members to breach the rules on your behalf since they are entrusted with making every visitor to a Disney park feel special.

“There is no exemption for bypassing lines or letting your youngster into attractions when he is not tall enough,” Lara G. stated. “Disney is Disney (a major and recognised firm for decades).

When cast members turn down requests, she added, customers might become “extremely unpleasant and irritating,” but staff workers must still be kind and friendly.

Be nice and patient with the other park guests as well as the cast workers.

The Disney staff really wants to make your day memorable. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that they are also humans, and everyone who is at the parks is only trying to enjoy themselves.

“It’s vital to keep in mind that everyone is human and is trying to have the greatest experience possible when it comes to cast members, and other park visitors generally,” said Rachel W. When you strive to conjure magic for others, you’ll be shocked at the magic you discover!

“In reality, cast members have lives outside of theme parks. They put in a lot of effort to ensure you have a unique experience, but they are still individuals with faults, bad days, and difficulties “Two-time DCP alumnus Natalie O., who worked at Epcot in 2011 and Disneyland in 2010, said Insider. “The Disney experience doesn’t rely on robotic, programmed cast members. They are not computers that have access to data like “When will the rain stop?””

Always attempt to be kind to the cast members you come across.

The majority of [cast members] are generally your friends, not rule enforcers to get past, Natalie O. said. “Treat them as you’d like to be treated, speak with them in line about Disney trivia, simply ask how their day is going,” Natalie O. noted.

Sometimes the charm of Disney may be found in unexpected places.

Many families plan and save for trips to Disney for months or even years, but there are always unforeseen events that might arise and alter your plans, such as sickness, severe weather, ride closures, or lengthy waits.

“There is one thing I wish visitors to Walt Disney World understood: amazing moments may be found anywhere. Therefore, there will always be an equal or better chance to experience something novel and unusual, even if your favourite ride is closed or for maintenance “said Amanda C.

She told Insider that she enjoyed hearing guests express that if the ride or performance they had initially planned to see hadn’t been closed, they would never have discovered a substitute.

You’ll probably giggle when you hear the most often asked question.

A startling question is often posed to cast members at the Magic Kingdom.

As Disney World employees, we used to jokingly say that the most often asked question is “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” Insider was informed by Lara G.

While cast members are undoubtedly there to assist visitors, sometimes just considering a question before asking it may save everyone a lot of hassle.

You can fit more people in the picture than you may imagine.

For groups visiting parks, picture memories are among the most valuable, so make sure the group shot includes everyone.

In order to ensure that everyone was included in the shot, Amanda C. told Insider that “[Cast members] are always encouraged to ask a family posing for a photograph whether they wanted their picture taken.”

“For so many individuals, they may never get the chance to return, and that photo with their mother, father, or grandma in it — instead of being the one taking the photo — might mean the world to them,” she said.

All ages may enjoy the wonder of Disney.

There is no upper age restriction for enjoying a great time at Disney, Natalie O. told Insider.

“Disney is not simply for families with young children. Being a Disney aficionado as an adult is not strange “She said.

»Most people use vacations to sleep and relax«

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