Michael Guider gets arrested for violating parole

Michael Guider gets arrested for violating parole

A depraved child murderer who committed one of Australia’s most infamous kidnappings has been detained for violating restrictions imposed after his parole.

After leaving a halfway home administered by a prison, Michael Guider has been residing in a covert place, and his whereabouts are not even known to his victims.

Three years ago, the 71-year-old man who abducted and murdered Sydney schoolgirl Samantha Knight in 1986 and preyed on other kids for 20 years was freed from jail.

He was taken into custody on Wednesday night for violating the terms of his extended supervision order.

According to The Daily Telegraph, police found he had reportedly been violating those rules by allegedly using his phone to seek up information when they conducted a regular check on a residence in Sydney’s southwest at Fairfield Heights.

Guider was charged with two counts of violating an extended supervision order-T2 and was denied bail. He will next appear in court in Fairfield on October 10.

Guider spent the first six months of his freedom incarcerated in a security facility connected to the Long Bay prison complex alongside other criminals who were too dangerous to be released back into society.

However, the abhorrent paedophile was covertly removed from the Nunyara Community Offender Support Program facility in Malabar and put in new permanent housing in March 2020.

Some of Guider’s surviving victims were upset and disappointed by this since they said that at the time, the police had refused to say where their tormentor was now residing.

Social media users claimed to have seen Guider going through La Perouse and other south-eastern Sydney neighborhoods.

One person said, “I just spotted him coming up to Little Bay – hardly a care in the world, he has dropped a tremendous amount of weight and has white hair and beard.”

Chantelle Daly, who was molested by Guider when she was a youngster, was upset by the notion that Guider’s whereabouts remained unknown even if those purported sightings were never confirmed.

When Guider was supposed to be watching Ms. Daly and her companion when they were six years old, he instead drugged, sexually assaulted, and took pictures of the two of them.

In 2020, she remarked, “I believe it’s utterly ludicrous that he has any right to privacy or this second opportunity to be an unknown guy.”

They want paedophiles to be able to slip back into society quietly without anybody making a fuss, which is ultimately what they do with them.

They don’t want the fact that he has now relocated and we are unsure of his whereabouts to come up again.

According to Ms. Daly, she and the other victims were given the chance to choose suburbs where Guider shouldn’t be allowed to go to or reside.

That’s all well and good, but how do we know whether we’re going to where he’s truly residing if we travel? she said.

“I could not see going about my everyday business and turning a corner to find him right there in the middle of the street.

It’s something you think about sometimes. Are they going to be there at every corner, you wonder? It is just continuous and draining.

In all honesty, I don’t know how a victim could take it. It makes no difference how much time has passed. It’s terrible. It shouldn’t be conceivable.

Lisa Giles, who was victimized by “Uncle Mick” between the ages of five and eleven, campaigned tenaciously, like Ms. Daly, to keep Guider behind bars in 2019 when his 17-year term for murdering Samantha came to an end.

The danger has not subsided, thus the community’s concerns cannot be allayed by the present framework, Ms. Giles said.

‘Despite having completed every course offered to him while incarcerated, he is an openly unrepentant criminal who has not been rehabilitated, according to psychiatric assessments heard in court.

“There has been a systematic, cumulative build-up of leniency and loopholes accessible to Guider, and he has been substantially shielded during his imprisonment,” the report states.

Ms. Giles detailed how Guider gained entry into her family in a compelling Supreme Court argument she made in August 2019 against his parole.

She said, “I was one of his conquests.” “Michael is the deranged villain you see in movies,” someone said. deluded and narcissistic.

No matter how stringent the restrictions were when Guider was released, she said that once he was back in the community, “our children are not secure and our brains are not protected.”

“Given an inch, Michael Guider will take a mile if he is free.” A child’s innocence will be taken by him, enjoyed in his hands, and savored like a beautiful wine.

The NSW Corrective Services’ Victims Support Unit told Ms. Giles last year that Guider had left Nunyara, but they were unable to provide his current residence.

Maintaining the secrecy of an offender’s whereabouts may make the work of the monitoring team simpler, but it makes life more difficult for those of us who must live with our trauma, according to Ms. Giles.

How is this fair treatment for individuals whose lives we are attempting to restore? It’s enough enough. NSW Corrections needs to be more transparent.

Unchecked rumors about Guider’s residence on social media, according to Ms. Giles, have made his victims even more anxious.

For the direct survivors, this means that the information we receive is constantly unreliable, unregulated, and lacking in fact-checking, she explained.

It is exhausting to negotiate in this setting. The limited information we do have is not enough to fully understand this perpetrator’s movements.

Tim, Guider’s younger brother, has previously forewarned him that Guider would have used his time in Nunyara to get ready to commit sex crimes on young girls once more.

Guider resisted receiving letters, calls, or visits from anyone, including Tim, after his initial release.

Tim stated in 2019 that “His minders have told me he doesn’t want contact with anyone from the outside world.”

He basically wants to keep his secrets to himself. He does not want anyone to be aware of his location or his activities.

Before leaving Nunyara, Tim predicted that Guider would have changed his appearance, getting rid of the long, grey beard he had grown the previous year.

Tim remarked, “He grew a kind of bikie beard so he could walk out looking mean. “That’ll disappear, and then nobody will recognize him,”

“He will dress to look like Mr. Average.”

They fear that if anyone recognized him in the neighborhood, they would want to murder him.

Ms. Daly concurred. Nobody is aware of his current appearance, she said. He had this enormous thing hanging off his stomach when he first got out of jail, making him look like a bushman.

“I can assure you that he won’t look like that now; he didn’t look like that when he was abusing us.

“Everyone’s searching for this gigantic, terrifying bogeyman, but he simply doesn’t look like that anymore,” the speaker said.

Tim said that his brother will go to whatever lengths “so that he may resume his role as a pedophile.”

Tim said, “He is worse than he was 20 years ago, not better.” “Just think how far he’ll go now.”

The two traits that made Guider stand out the most when he was captured on camera leaving jail were his beard and a hernia the size of a basketball that hung from his shirt and made him shuffle when he walked.

Before leaving Nunyara and returning to the community, Guider may have undertaken a treatment to get that unattractive growth removed.

Guider must request permission if he wants to “substantially” alter his look as part of the conditions of his release, but according to his brother, he won’t have to notify anybody.

What would people say if he shaves off his beard and says, “Whoops?” said Tim. There is nothing they can do to stop him from shaving the whole thing off.

On September 5, 2019, Guider was released from the Metropolitan Special Programs Centre at Long Bay after spending a total of 23 years in jail, including 17 years for the murder of Samantha.

Guider has not shown regret for Samantha’s manslaughter, which he has previously claimed was an accident and most recently denied having done. Samantha’s corpse has never been discovered.

Guider had already served time in prison for sexually abusing 13 kids between 1980 and 1996. Other victims who are still too traumatized to report themselves are known to the police.

Michael’s brother thought that once he was returned in the community—where he is 21 months into a five-year extended supervision order—he would find a way to go back to his old habits.

Tim said, “He’s a hunter.” And I predict he will act in such way. He’ll begin by going hunting.

But he won’t be walking with a limp, bent down, or being irritable. He will just go around normally and converse with others. He is a sociable, extroverted individual.

He’ll begin to hunt for victims because, very frankly, he is powerless.

Tim was certain that his brother would continue to pose a threat as long as he hid the full scope of his wrongdoing, including what he did with Samantha’s corpse and how she was slain.

Tim said, “He’s still a pedophile.” He has not been rehabilitated in the least, and he won’t be until he owns up and lets it out.

When Tim talked with the management staff in charge of his brother in 2019, they informed him that they were unable to offer any information about his post-prison situation.

Guider has no other relatives, and according to his brother, he is unlikely to hear from anybody else from his past. Everyone is against him, Tim remarked.

He will suddenly be a full loner, entirely alone. Everyone will be on the lookout for him.

It was challenging to find a permanent home for a sex monster who drugged and assaulted maybe dozens of kids in the 1980s and 1990s and was still seen as having a high risk of reoffending.

When released from jail, long-term inmates like Guider are forced to go to Nunyara, a “non-custodial community-based service,” since they have nowhere else to go.

This could be as a result of a lack of family and other support systems or even just a shortage of boarding house rooms.

Even more difficult to house outdoors than murders are recently released child sex offenders.

The occupants and managers of even church- or charity-run homes would not want the media to focus on a pariah like Guider.

In least while Guider was kept at Nunyara, the neighborhood was aware of his whereabouts.

While some of Guider’s fellow boarders were permitted to leave Nunyara during the day, he was required to remain at the center until suitable housing could be found for him.

For the next five years, Guider must adhere to 56 stringent court-ordered conditions before being granted parole. These requirements will be monitored by a DSO from the Corrective Services department.

His DSO must approve his present address and any future addresses for the next four years, and he must observe a 10 pm to 6 am curfew.

No other individual is permitted to visit and stay, or spend the night, at his authorized residence without first receiving clearance.

Three days prior to the scheduled start date, the guider is required to submit a weekly schedule of movements and wear an electronic monitoring device.

Without permission, he is not allowed to enter any of the following locations: daycare facilities, preschools, schools, amusement parks, theme parks, theaters, libraries, and museums.

He is prohibited from going into parks, playgrounds for kids, camping and caravan parks, and any other places with kid-friendly play equipment.

He is prohibited from visiting swimming pools, playgrounds, sporting venues, theater performances, movies, events, and activities designed with kids in mind.

Additionally, he is not permitted to enter any home where he knows a person under the age of 18 typically resides.

Additionally prohibited are locations that are used primarily or exclusively for the provision of sexual services, sexual entertainment, or the sale or display of sexually explicit materials.

Chantelle Daly and his other victims were unsatisfied with those conditions.

After hurting and abusing children, pedophiles are given far too many rights, according to Ms. Daly. “It makes no sense to me,” I said.

“It physically sickens me that he can pass by kids playing in the street.”

I’m not saying he’ll visit a park because I don’t believe he’s that stupid, but he can still visit beaches and shopping malls.

Guider is required to submit to testing for both illegal drugs and alcohol for the ensuing three years.

Without permission, he is not permitted to enter any licensed property, including hotels, pubs, and clubs, but not cafés and restaurants.

Other than “incidental contact in a public place,” the guider is not permitted to approach or make contact with anybody who he knows or “reasonably should know” is under the age of 18 unless he is with an authorized person.

His supervisor has the power to inform everyone Guider interacts with who is responsible for looking after children about his criminal background and to forbid him from seeing anyone.

Only with the supervisor’s consent may Guider visit a sex worker, and the supervisor must also be informed if he develops a love interest.

To join any club, organization, or social media network, he will require authorization.

Without permission, he cannot alter his name from Michael Anthony Guider—which, as the Daily Mail Australia has previously reported, may not even be his genuine name.

»Michael Guider gets arrested for violating parole«

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