Melissa Caddick’s severed foot may have reached the NSW south coas

Melissa Caddick’s severed foot may have reached the NSW south coas

According to an ocean expert, Melissa Caddick’s severed foot might have traveled from Sydney cliffs and washed up on the NSW south coast months later.

The foot’s goose barnacles, when examined, revealed that it had likely been drifting off the NSW coast for three to seven days before washing up on Bournda Beach, around 400 kilometers from Ms. Caddick’s Dover Heights residence.

It is entirely possible that the fraudster’s body entered the water when she was last seen in November 2020, floated in strong currents for about 93 days near the ocean floor, and then surfaced in February 2021, according to oceanographer Dr. David Griffin, who testified at the inquest into her death.

Three months after going missing, Ms. Caddick’s rotting foot, enclosed in an Asics shoe, washed up on a beach along the NSW south coast, roughly 400 kilometers south of Sydney.

According to Dr. Griffin, the NSW coast is Australia’s most active oceanographic region.

It is quite implausible that something could just float over the continental shelf without being trapped or entangled, according to experts.

Dr. Griffin gave his testimony earlier than anticipated on Wednesday after Ms. Caddick’s husband left the witness stand after his second day because he found the questioning “confusing.”

Anthony Koletti said, “Your inquiries are perplexing; the way you speak is not how my mind functions.”

Before his attorney informed the magistrate that he needed to be evaluated before coming to give testimony, he had spent the day dozing off in the NSW Coroners Court building.

His attorney Judy Swan said, “We will be bringing him to see someone, he may be alright, but we are not physicians.”

At the event that Mr. Koletti is unable to testify on Thursday, forensic psychiatrist Kerri Eagle will testify in the inquest.

In stealing up to $30 million between 2013 and 2020, Caddick preyed mostly on friends and relatives, according to prior testimony from Jason Downing SC’s legal assistant.

Elizabeth Ryan, Deputy State Coroner, is still conducting the investigation.

Anthony Koletti, Melissa Caddick’s husband, bemoans being referred to as a “creep, a f***wit, a toyboy, a handbag,” and claims he seldom leaves the house any longer since he can’t find employment.

The spouse of missing con artist Melissa Caddick claims his father has branded him a toyboy, a weirdo, and even dumb.

Since his wife’s disappearance, Anthony Koletti claims he has been unable to obtain employment because all prospective employers think he was either engaged in Ms. Caddick’s Ponzi scheme or had anything to do with her abduction.

In a 110-page evidence submitted before the inquest following Ms. Caddick’s alleged murder, he said, “I have been called a “arsehole,” “a creep,” “a f***wit,” “a toyboy,” “a handbag,” and even “dumb” by my father.”

Throughout his testimony before the NSW Coroners Court, Mr. Koletti has consistently denied any role in her fraudulent behavior.

In his statement, he said, “I saw Melissa working diligently every day (excluding weekends), sitting in front of screens with what seemed to me to be the stocks going up and down.”

“I saw charts and tables.” I saw figures. I just believed she was intelligent, skilled at what she did, and highly successful.

The Sydney hairdresser and sometimes DJ first had a customer named Ms Caddick in his salon in 2005; they were both born precisely 11 years apart.

She and Mr. Koletti kissed at a restaurant just before she and her first husband left to London.

He said in his statement that they had no further personal interaction at the time.

But I think Melissa fell head over heels for me. I just had a love-sick moment.

The two then started a long-distance digital relationship, exchanging regular messages and phone conversations for almost five years.

Mr. Koletti traveled to New York and Cyprus in 2011 with Ms. Caddick, who divorced her husband that same year.

Inconsistencies in his statements made before and after the inquiry have been attributed to “trauma” and “confusion,” respectively.

In his statement, he said, “I barely ever leave my house unless I have to; I have lost a significant number of my friends.”

“I have no idea what the future has in store for me.”

»Melissa Caddick’s severed foot may have reached the NSW south coas«

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