Kendall Jenner says her family has “many misconceptions.”

Kendall Jenner says her family has “many misconceptions.”

There are “so many false myths,” according to Kendall Jenner, about her family.

The reality TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” propelled the 26-year-old model to international fame, but Jenner believes that the public still has an incomplete understanding of her family.

There are so many false tales, she remarked (about us). When they don’t even know half of it, so many people assume they understand you.

Due to the fact that that is not who I am, it can feel very unfair. That truly stinks and may sometimes really get to me. However, after glancing in the mirror, I thought, “I know who I am, why does anything else matter?”

All other information is noise,

The brunette beauty also stated that in her early 20s, she felt “very overworked” and that taking a step back had worked “wonders” for her.

She admitted to wanting to become a model at one time when she was younger, saying this in an interview with “On Purpose” podcast presenter Jay Shetty. “The things that I did, even my work,” she said. I didn’t stop until I was 24 years old, at which point I realised I should maybe dial it down a little.

There were five years in the middle of my career when I was busy, unhappy, and felt as if I was accepting everything because I was so appreciative of my circumstances.

Jenner eventually made the choice to put her health first.

She claims the new strategy has changed her life.

“I had to create those limits for myself because I simply wasn’t happy any longer.

“I need to start prioritising myself and my wellbeing, and I need to start saying no when I can. It has improved me much.

»Kendall Jenner says her family has “many misconceptions.”«

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