KAnalysis Consultants to Set up ‘Help-Desk’ to Assist and Guide India’s E-commerce Players and Manufacturers

KAnalysis Consultants to Set up ‘Help-Desk’ to Assist and Guide India’s E-commerce Players and Manufacturers

KAnalysis Consultants, a leading Delhi-based Intellectual Property (IP) boutique firm which manages global IP portfolios for clients, outlined plans today to set up a ‘Help-Desk‘ to assist and guide India’s E-commerce players and manufacturers, helping them grow and achieve international levels. The proposed Help-Desk will provide an indelible boost to the MSME sector, enabling them and India’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Startups to find advice on going global and becoming more relevant.

Mr. Nilanshu Shekhar – Managing Partner, KAnalysis Consultants

“The essential endeavor of the Company is to make smaller businesses and startups fully aware of their rights and privileges, especially from the IP, trade, product, and taxation perspectives,”KAnalysis Consultants said. The Company was started by a group of engineers and attorneys in 2007 and manifesting its emergence in the sector, KAnalysis is now seen as a one-stop solution for all national and international E-commerce businesses assisting over 800 players globally and managing 20,000 IP rights for clients across 26 countries.

“The idea is simple – we shall ensure that every Indian entrepreneur is guided on IP and business aspects towards going global. Getting protected on the Intellectual Property matters is one facet while handholding small businesses towards going outward needs coaching and exposure, which the current ecosystem lacks. Few people who have gained awareness through peers and some of our clients as well who once introduced to this idea have been doing exceedingly well. Buoyed, by these successes we decided to go forward with this initiative of setting up a Help-Desk that would enable Indian SMEs/Startups/Individual sellers to cater to the more developed markets like US or Europe,” said Mr. Nilanshu Shekhar, Managing Partner – KAnalysis Consultants.

As stated in a previous announcement, the crux lies not in filing and securing registrations across the globe, but in preparing businesses for the future. Most small businesses do not know whom and how to ask for such advice, and if this is made accessible there would be many more success stores to follow.

Commenting on the new initiative, Mr. Nilanshu Shekhar, Managing Partner, KAnalysis Consultants, said, “Our aim is to nurture small manufacturers towards harnessing the vast E-commerce space in an optimized manner by providing hand-held guidance to navigate this complex maze. Our experience of working with over 800 global manufacturers and sellers gives us the unique advantage in providing a bird’s eye perspective in the local or global marketplace.”

For further details, please visit kanalysis.com/help-desk or write at business@kanalysis.com.

»KAnalysis Consultants to Set up ‘Help-Desk’ to Assist and Guide India’s E-commerce Players and Manufacturers«

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