Joe Biden Fumbles Repeatedly During Debate as Donald Trump Takes Advantage in Washington D.C.

Joe Biden Fumbles Repeatedly During Debate as Donald Trump Takes Advantage in Washington D.C.

President Joe Biden had a tough time during Thursday night’s debate, frequently stumbling over his words while discussing various policy issues.

This gave former President Donald Trump an opportunity to pounce.

Within the first 12 minutes, Biden made his first error, and the fumbles continued throughout the night as he discussed the number of billionaires in America and the situation at the border.

Trump wasted no time capitalizing on Biden’s mistakes.

“I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence.

I don’t think he knows what he said either,” Trump remarked.

Biden, who sounded hoarse and cleared his throat frequently, seemed to struggle with his words, stammering and excusing himself multiple times.

Reports indicated he had a cold.

This shaky performance was a rough start for the president, who needs to convince voters he is fit for a second term despite his age.

Throughout the 90-minute debate, Biden struggled to recover.

He attempted to criticize Trump for reportedly calling deceased American soldiers “suckers and losers” and for his felony conviction in New York.

However, Trump seemed prepared for these attacks, countering them effortlessly and bringing up Hunter Biden’s felony conviction while claiming political persecution.

Glitches and Fumbles

Biden’s repeated stumbles will likely leave a lasting impression on voters, who already question the 81-year-old’s stamina and mental capacity.

His answers were often disjointed.

When asked about his economic record, he responded, “Childcare, elder care, making sure that we continue to strengthen our health care – able to make every single solitary person eligible for what I’ve been able to deal with.

The covid – excuse me – with dealing with everything we have to do with what if we finally beat Medicare.”

Moderator Jake Tapper intervened, redirecting the conversation to Trump.

Surprisingly, Trump didn’t focus on Biden’s vocal missteps as he had in the past, though he did comment, “He did beat Medicaid – beat it to death.

He’s destroying Medicare because all of these people are coming in.”

Biden’s troubles continued as he discussed abortion rights and women’s health, and he fumbled over statistics about the wealthy in America, confusing “trillionaires” with “billionaires.

” When discussing the border, he touted a bipartisan deal that ultimately fell apart in Congress, stating, “We had significant increase in number of asylum officers significantly.

By the way, the Border Patrol been endorsed me, endorsed my position.

In addition to that, we find ourselves in a situation where when he was president he was taking separating babies from their mothers put him in cages.”

At this point, Trump seized the moment, commenting, “I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence.

I don’t think he knows what he said either.”

Military and Personal Attacks

A heated exchange occurred when the topic of the military came up.

Biden criticized Trump for allegedly calling dead American soldiers “suckers” and “losers,” passionately defending his late son Beau.

“My son was not a loser, was not a sucker. You’re the sucker you’re the loser,” Biden asserted.

Trump denied the accusations, demanding an apology: “He made up the suckers and losers so he should apologize to me right now.”

Biden firmly refused, saying, “The idea I have to apologize to you for anything.”

Economic Record Debate

The debate also delved into the economy.

Biden attacked Trump’s handling of the economy, criticizing his suggestion that Americans inject themselves with bleach during COVID.

“He left an economy that was in freefall – the pandemic was so badly handled, many people were dying,” Biden said.

Trump countered, claiming he left a strong economy before COVID-19 hit and that his spending prevented a depression.

“Everything was rocking good,” he said.

“The only jobs he created are for illegal immigrants and bounce-back jobs that are bounced back from COVID.

He has not done a good job.

He’s done a poor job – inflation’s killing our country.

It is absolutely killing us.”

Debate Dynamics

The two candidates did not shake hands upon entering the stage, standing at their podiums and staring straight ahead.

This debate was the first of two they agreed to, with strict rules in place: no teleprompters, no communication with aides during breaks, and microphones muted when it was not their turn to speak.

The debate had no audience, just the two moderators.

Preparation and Performance

For Biden, the debate was a test of his health and fitness, as Republicans have used his age to question his mental capabilities.

He spent the week preparing at Camp David with close aides.

For Trump, who avoided formal practice sessions and kept a low profile, the question was whether he would be the loud, disruptive debater or a more focused and restrained presence on stage.

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