Jeremy Kyle is back on TV three years after ITV fired him

Jeremy Kyle is back on TV three years after ITV fired him

three years after his ITV daytime programme was cancelled, he will host a live show on TalkTV.

Jeremy Kyle Live, the 57-year-new old’s show, will premiere on Monday, October 10 at 7 p.m.

In May 2019, the host’s self-titled Jeremy Kyle Show was put on permanent hiatus after a participant, 63-year-old Steve Dymond, passed just one week after a show featuring him was taped.

The Sun said that Jeremy expressed his excitement about returning to live television starting on October 10.

I got a preview of the new programme when filling in for Piers during the summer.

‘Jeremy Kyle Live will be making sense of the important news, speaking in the dialect of the British people, and offering helpful advice as we all strive to make our way through the present. I am very excited to join TalkTV’s incredible new primetime lineup.

The programme will “watch the straight-talking voice of the people take on the problems that truly matter,” according to the slogan.

In April, Kyle made his first appearance on television in three years when he assisted Sharon Osbourne in launching the new channel TalkTV.

At 9 p.m., he returned to television screens as a panellist on The Talk, a new hour-long panel discussion programme where five pundits with various backgrounds and worldviews discuss current events.

On the panel with Kyle and Osbourne, other presenters Esther Krakue, Nicola Thorp, and JJ Anisiobi discussed current events, such as Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, Prince Andrew, and the “woke world of Disney.”

Seven days after the Jeremy Kyle Show taping, Mr. Dymond is said to have committed himself.

After being suspected of cheating on his former fiancée Jane Callaghan of Gosport, Hampshire, he had completed a lie detector test.

Following requests for its cancellation from MPs and the general public, the combative discussion show, which was enormously popular and had been a regular feature in the daytime TV schedule since 2005, was permanently cancelled.

MPs started an investigation into reality TV after the show was cancelled, and ITV CEO Dame Carolyn McCall said the network had been “looking at” cancelling the programme before it was taken off the schedule.

After an application on behalf of the deceased’s family, Hampshire’s coroner department revealed that an inquest into Mr. Dymond’s death had been postponed.

There has not yet been an updated date for the proceedings.

During his house in Portsmouth, Mr. Dymond passed away from a morphine overdose and a heart condition, according to testimony at a first hearing in 2020.

Coroner Jason Pegg said at the time that Jeremy Kyle had referred to Mr. Dymond as a “serial liar” and declared that he “would not trust him with a chocolate button.”

Because Kyle “may have caused or contributed” to Mr. Dymond’s death, the coroner declared that Kyle would be an interested person during the inquest.

After a guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show, David Staniforth, 45, was found guilty of assault for headbutting bus driver Larry Mahoney, 39, following an altercation on stage, a judge referred to the show as a “human kind of bear baiting” in 2017.

Unseen video of the presenter calling visitors “thick as s***” and yelling at audience members for chatting during recording was uncovered in a behind-the-scenes documentary about the programme on Channel 4.

Former ITV staff members who worked on “Death on Daytime” said that the platform gave Kyle a “God complex” and revealed how they would make guests upset in order to amuse viewers.

In one recording, Kyle berated a producer for writing a “bad” screenplay, while in another, he was heard telling a colleague, “I don’t get it, they’re horrible f***ing guests, you’ve done it again, they’re as stupid as s***.”

In a another video, Kyle could be heard attempting to introduce a segment and saying, “I suppose our programme is called the Jeremy Kyle Show, right?” But it may be referred to as the JK Show. Ladies and gentlemen, [name bleeped out] is back.

Then, though, he halted and said, “No, no, no, get off, get off, that’s wrong, get off – the way you’ve written that, it makes no sense. That’s awful. You don’t need to say, “Look at this, you doughnut, here she is.”

»Jeremy Kyle is back on TV three years after ITV fired him«

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