Jeremy Corbyn will stop London if we cease oil and insulate Britain

Jeremy Corbyn will stop London if we cease oil and insulate Britain

Tomorrow, Just Stop Oil, Jeremy Corbyn, and Insulate Britain will lead a rally through London as cost-of-living demonstrations are expected to spread across the United Kingdom.

A countrywide day of action is being held by the advocacy organization Enough is Enough, with activities taking place in more than 50 cities, towns, and villages throughout the nation.

It is reported that organizations including Insulate Britain, Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and Just Stop Oil will participate.

During the demonstrations, which will include protesters blocking bridges across the Thames in London, Just Stop Oil is expecting that 1,500 of its volunteers will be detained twice.

Volunteers will gather at 25 starting locations around London, including Waterloo, Paddington, and Euston stations, at 11 a.m. to participate in the demonstration.

In order to “demand a stop to the economic and moral folly of continuous oil and gas growth,” the organizations will then congregate at Westminster.

There is Just Stop Oil. The Mail on Sunday said that Roger Hallam had claimed that the Metropolitan Police would first be “too terrified” to detain protestors, but that as the demonstrations intensified, it would be compelled to do so.

He said that the organization’s goal was to find and enlist 1,500 individuals who were willing to get detained twice in London during the campaign.

At a meeting in Norwich earlier this month, another activist, a former businessman in his late 40s, said: “We’ve spoken to individuals in the legal system and they feel the system couldn’t really handle with roughly 3,000 arrests.”

Since the protesters’ initiative started on April 1, there have been 1,296 arrests as a result of their demand that the government halt new oil and gas developments in the UK.

Along with Lamin Touray, who portrayed football player Ashley Hardcastle on the street, Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played Hayley Cropper on Coronation Street, will be speaking at the Manchester demonstration.

Tom Pickard, a poet, and Si King, one-half of the Hairy Bikers, have both supported the event in Newcastle.

At the London event, award-winning comedian Rob Delaney will appear with Communication Workers Union member Dave Ward and Mick Lynch of the Rail, Maritime, and Transport union.

Rob Delaney questioned: “Should nurses, postmen, and teachers be able to heat their houses in winter, or does a chief executive require an additional zero at the end of their pay?” There has been enough.

As part of the most recent strike in the long-running conflict over wages, employment, and conditions, picket lines will be set up by railway employees outside of important stations around the nation at the same time as the demonstrations.

‘I saw the Enough is Enough ad and simply thought, that’s precisely what everyone is feeling,’ former Coronation Street actor Lamin Touray said.

Nobody, in my opinion, can recall a period when things were this difficult. The government cannot continue in this manner and must sit up and pay attention to the people.

“Millions of hardworking individuals and families throughout our nation are being thrown into poverty and absolute desperation owing to the cost-of-living issue,” said Hairy Biker, chef, and broadcaster Si King.

We have a system that prioritizes corporate riches and power above average citizens. The people in charge lack both the empathy and the resolve to alter it.

“We are presently seeing the downfall of things we hold dear,” a Just Stop Oil spokeswoman stated. Our government is tightening the noose around our throats with fossil fuels because they don’t “get this.”

We will block the government from authorizing new oil and gas projects if it doesn’t already. Our lives depend on it, therefore come to Westminster starting on October 1 and calmly join thousands of other regular people in civil resistance.

The Peace and Justice Project’s founder, Jeremy Corbyn, said: “Record breaking weather is occurring everywhere, and everything is too costly.” The crisis is this. The expense of life and climate issues are inseparable. The issue is the whole system, which produces billionaires while starving hundreds of millions of people. It must be conquered and changed since it cannot be resolved.

The climate catastrophe and the cost of living crisis are a direct consequence of how our economy is operated for the benefit of an energy business that will eat us up and spit us out, according to Stuart Bretherton, 24, Energy For All Campaign Coordinator, Fuel Poverty Action.

However, we also have answers for each of these situations that are similar. Climate justice does not imply further suffering; rather, it means that everyone of us will have warm houses, cheaper utility costs, cleaner air, and a stronger economy.

“The west relentlessly pumps out its carbon gas to feed its insatiable consumer economies, while the poorest people on the planet in the global south endure climate catastrophe, famine, and drought, whose people are being sacrificed to maintain unsustainable western lifestyles,” said Lee Jasper of Blaksox. Climate change is necessary, as is climate justice.

The issues of climate displacement, environmental injustice, migration, colonialism, reparations, and systemic racism are all interconnected and part of the same struggle for racial justice and human rights globally, according to Zita Holbourne, chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC UK). Nothing about us can exist without us, and until we are all free, none of us are free.

“Fossil fuels have led to the two biggest hazards confronting humanity—climate disaster and nuclear war,” said Kate Hudson of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

“The government’s proposal to launch new oil, gas, and coal plants is the worst act of government crime in our history,” Insulate Britain’s Liam Norton said. They are taking part in our nation’s devastation and the murder of countless others all around the globe. What else might it be called? We need to insulate Britain in order to block new oil and gas production. Now.’

»Jeremy Corbyn will stop London if we cease oil and insulate Britain«

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