Jabu Mahlangu could be in trouble after latest update on crash!

Jabu Mahlangu could be in trouble after latest update on crash!

Supersport diski analyst Jabu Mahlangu could find himself in hot water with the law after the latest update on his crash.

Pictures of Mahlangu’s vehicle surfaced on social media, after what looked like a horrific car crash last week Saturday.

Mahlangu survived a horrific accident

Mahlangu’s BMW 4 Series collided with a Toyota Hiace Quantum minibus taxi in the early hours of last Saturday. He was thought have been with a female passenger at the time. The concerns for Mahlangu’s life quickly turned to concerns of his future. This is because the last update was that the former tricky winger had fled the accident scene.

Confusion continues

According to the SowetanLIVE Mahlangu’s lawyers had then claimed that he had been taken to the Far East Rand Hospital after the accident last week Saturday. Now according to the same publication, the spokesperson of the hospital has confirmed the presence of Mahlangu at the hospital but there next bit could be an issue.


“Mr Jabu Mahlangu was seen here at the hospital after he was involved in a car accident, but he was not admitted,” Far East Rand Hospital spokesperson Linda Mkhondwane said.

When asked about the nature of Mahlangu’s injuries and if him not being admitted meant they were not serious, Mkhondwane said:

“Yes, because he was released on the same day, It was just a check-up.” Mkhondwane confirmed.

Potential problem for “Shuffle”

This could be trouble for Mahlangu as a permissible reason for leaving an accident is to be treated for injuries. Mahlangu’s lawyer Mabu Marweshe then claims that the confusion of the situation comes purely from the wording used, between them and the Far East Hospital.

“He  (Mahlangu) was hospitalised and treated in the hospital on the same date (as the accident), and then he was released on the same date, I think it’s the use of the language. When there is an accident, people are involved and then they are taken to the hospital. And when they arrive at the hospital they are then treated.They might be treated for multiple things and then they are discharged. So we can’t say he was not admitted in hospital.” Said Marweshe

“The hospital has got the records of his admission where they have treated him and they have released him. How did they treat him for his injuries if he was not admitted? They would not be honest.” Continued Marweshe.

Marweshe also elaborated on the nature of injuries Mahlangu sustained from the crash.

Nature of injuries revealed

“He just suffered some minor scars on his body and there was a bit of shock. But nothing severe.” Said Marweshe.

Marweshe also explained that he couldn’t confirm how Mahlangu got to the hospital.

“I didn’t inquire into that. But my assumption from the beginning was that there was an ambulance that has taken people. But I haven’t inquired if he was part of the people in the ambulance or not,” he concluded.

It will now be interesting to hear from Mahlangu himself, what occurred on the day and also see how this will play out for him.

»Jabu Mahlangu could be in trouble after latest update on crash!«

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