IPOB Responds to Buhari, Accusing Him of Attempting to Assassinate Nnamdi Kanu During the Attack on His Father’s Residence

IPOB Responds to Buhari, Accusing Him of Attempting to Assassinate Nnamdi Kanu During the Attack on His Father’s Residence

IPOB’s Response to Femi Adesina’s Claims Regarding Nnamdi Kanu’s Arrest

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) recently responded to the controversial claims made by former media aide Femi Adesina, suggesting that President Muhammadu Buhari did Nnamdi Kanu a favor by arresting him instead of resorting to more drastic measures.

Adesina’s assertions were unveiled during his book launch, where he detailed the alleged plot to assassinate Kanu.

IPOB’s Rebuttal: Dismissing Adesina’s Statements as Bluff

In reaction to Adesina’s statements, IPOB spokesperson, Emma Powerful, strongly refuted the former presidential aide’s assertions.

Powerful argued that the Buhari administration was well aware of the repercussions of eliminating Kanu and accused Adesina of using the mention of Kanu in his book as a ploy to boost sales.

Book’s Diminished Value: From Revelation to Toilet Paper

According to Powerful, Adesina’s attempt to reveal secret plans against Kanu, the Igbo people, IPOB, and the Biafra struggle did not yield the desired outcome.

He contended that the book, instead of gaining credibility, had diminished in value to the point of being compared to toilet paper.

The IPOB representative asserted that no rational individual would invest time or money in purchasing and reading Adesina’s book.

Failed Assassination Attempt: IPOB’s Narrative

In the statement, IPOB maintained that Buhari’s administration had attempted to assassinate Kanu during an attack on his father’s house.

According to the group, the plan failed, leading to the deaths of Kanu’s parents.

The organization emphasized that Femi Adesina’s attempt to present Kanu’s arrest as a favor was misleading, as the government had initially sought to eliminate him.

Denial of Arrest: IPOB’s Version of Events

IPOB contested Adesina’s narrative regarding Kanu’s arrest, asserting that he was not arrested but rather kidnapped in Kenya.

The statement claimed that Kanu endured torture for eight days before being extraordinarily renditioned to Nigeria by the Buhari administration.

This alternative account aimed to challenge the credibility of Adesina’s disclosures in his book.

Warning to the Nigerian Government: Consequences Await

Concluding their response, IPOB issued a warning to the Nigerian government, emphasizing that any attempt to harm Kanu would have severe consequences.

The group asserted that the government’s acknowledgment of failing to assassinate Kanu was a significant revelation that would have repercussions challenging the foundation of the proclaimed unity in Nigeria.

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