NNAMDI KANU Allegedly Rejects Buhari’s Money Gift, See Shocking Statement Made By IPOB

Sahara Reporters Monday, released a statement made by Emma Powerful, spokesman of IPOB. In his statement, he alleged that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has offered help to Nnamdi Kanu in monetary value which the IPOB leader has declined.
Meanwhile, IPOB claimed that some members of the public are doing everything within their power to make Nnamdi Kanu bow to the alleged request tabled before him by the federal government.
Emma Powerful stated that some people have been promised money and other things by the Buhari government and these set of people are trying to do everything they can, to destroy IPOB and its members in other to get the things which they have been promised by the Buhari government.
Emma Powerful further added that more accusations have been brought against Nnamdi Kanu by the Buhari government because he has refused to change his ways or succumb to the request made by the government.
After refusing to bow, he added that the federal government has adopted other means to break the ranks of Nnamdi Kanu and threaten the existence of the group by offering money to some unidentified persons in other to them to take steps or do whatever it takes to make sure the IPOB does not exist.
However, IPOB had in the past stated that they want nothing from the Nigerian government but the independence of the Biafra group.
IPOB kicks against negotiation with Buhari government, says they want Biafra
In November 2021, members of IPOB reminded the Buhari government that its members would not support any policy or plans made by the Nigerian government.
In other to promote peace and maintain peaceful co- existence in the country, IPOB revealed that what’ s its members want is a referendum that would give birth to the state of Biafra.
IPOB said ” The IPOB is not fighting (for) restructuring. We are not against restructuring but our demand is not restructuring. Our demand is the restoration of Biafra State.
All we need is a date for a referendum to decide whether or not we want to continue with this forced marriage. Those who think Nigeria is ready for restructuring may have to think again. ”
” Those benefiting from the current lopsidedness have made restructuring impossible.
They are unlikely to heed the clamor for restructuring. The only thing that can make us slow down a little is the government giving us a date for a referendum.
Restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra is a divine mandate. Our eternal leader Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu told them to restructure Nigeria, they said no and killed millions of Biafrans in the war. ”
Despite the statement and request tabled before the Buhari government by the IPOB, president Muhammadu Buhari on many occasions kicked against the existence of a state called Biafra.
Buhari rejects call for Biafra or secession, says the unity of Nigeria can not be negotiated
In an interview in the year 2017, the president gave a statement shortly after Nnamdi Kanu formed a group identified as Biafra.
In the statement, he made it known that there is no room for any state or region in the country the breakaway. Even though the country has many ethnic and religious groups, he urged the people to remain united and live in peace because the unity of Nigeria would not be discussed by anyone.
He said ” The people must know that Nigeria’ s unity is settled and not negotiable. We shall not allow irresponsible elements to start trouble and when things get bad they run away and saddle others with the responsibility of bringing back order, if necessary with their blood. Every Nigerian has the right to live and pursue his business anywhere in Nigeria without any problem or difficulty. ”
But despite the statement made by the president, members of IPOB have continued to carry out different activities in the southeast part of Nigeria. Of recent, IPOB introduced sit- at- home orders as well as a ban on cow consumption in the southeast.
IPOB bans sale of cows in the south- east, see why
In January 2022, IPOB took a step against the consumption of cows in the southeast. The group alleged that Fulani Herdsmen were committing different crimes with their cows and it would not be healthy for the people to eat the same cows that have been abused by the headers.
In other to preserve the lives of the people in the southeast, the group introduced a ban on the sale and consumption of cows. But despite the law, the Nigerian government has refused to recognize the existence of a group called the Biafra nation.
IPOB makes shocking statement, says Buhari government is trying to bribe Nnamdi Kanu
IPOB on January 31, alleged that the federal government is trying to make members of IPOB drop Biafra agitation.
The spokesman of IPOB, Emma Powerful claimed that some unknown people have been paid and promised many other things by the Buhari government in other to break the Biafran struggle.
He said ” We have heard of the secret plans by the Buhari government to illegally detain our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for as long as possible.
Their annoyance with our leader is his blunt refusal to take properties and monetary inducement offered him to abandon the struggle for Biafra Independence. ”
” Federal Government decided to hold our leader indefinitely to see if it can infiltrate the ranks of our great movement and destroy it from inside while our leader is in custody.
The federal government is also relying on the promise by some traitors and black sheep in America and Europe that they would assist it to realize the evil plot. ”
” The promise was made to the federal government during their secret visit to Aso Rock last December. It also disclosed that the Nigerian government was plotting to pitch the international community against the group.
We are also aware that the Federal government has been lobbying the international community to enlist their support against Biafra liberation but they won’ t succeed. “