Indore: Embrace skin colour and remove prejudices, say youngsters

Indore: Embrace skin colour and remove prejudices, say youngsters

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Youngsters of Indore, while paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his Shaheedi Diwas, recalled essential life lessons and vowed to follow the path of equality. While religious equality and harmony is often seen in the city, youngsters find that discriminating perceptions of skin colour should change.

“We’ve been talking about fairness and beauty always in terms of colour. That’s mostly how we look at everything: ‘black’ and ‘white’,” Meenal Sharma, a student of High School, said. She added that white is often termed ‘pretty’, while black signifies ‘darkness and evil’.

“We understand that the definition of colours may not change. But, when it comes to skin colour, we need to understand that it’s offensive to call a person ‘Kalu’ if his/her skin colour isn’t milky white,” Gunjan Saxena, another student, said. She added that most people assume that someone who has a light skin colour is pretty and dark-skinned people are not particular pretty. “We all receive such comments from our classmates, friends and even family members, which is just the brim of a deep-seeded problem,” Gunjan said.

“Men or women eventually suffer because of such ideologies at home, schools and even workplaces,” Himanshu Rao, a college student, said. He added that change in the mindset of the people is essential for us to embrace and celebrate our diversity.

“On this day, as our hero left this world, we must remember his ideology and embrace people and not be blinded by skin colour,” Sarathak Jitendralal, a college fresher, said. He added that this change could be brought by us at our level as influencers by quoting and showing the beauty in every person.

“We need to stop editing ourselves into white ghosts using a variety of app filters and let the world see that we’re beautiful and our skin tone is precious,” Lovina Alwani, a student of Masters of Business Administration, said. She added that, even in textbooks and education systems, we need to show dark-skinned people as beautiful and not ugly!

She cited examples of nursery books, where fair-skinned women are often termed as beautiful and dark-skinned women are cited as ugly.

Poetic tribute from a student

‘From South Africa to India

From country to world.

Stops all the inequalities,

Took all the responsibilities…

In these circumstances,

He played non-violence

In the lawyer category

Vanished all the liars!

Trust and Truth were their hobbies

We used to read his name in our history copies!

MK Gandhi: Famous for his Perfection,

For us he was the Best Reflection!’

— Diya Sidhwani, high school student

»Indore: Embrace skin colour and remove prejudices, say youngsters«

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