A TikTok mogul says drivers, security guards, and dentists are Australia’s worst employment

A TikTok mogul says drivers, security guards, and dentists are Australia’s worst employment

According to a businessman on TikTok, drivers, security guards, and dentists are the worst professions for Australians since they may be easily replaced by robots.

This week in Australia, Li Liang, a teacher and social media entrepreneur, named the occupations he thinks are most vulnerable to automation.

He acknowledged that his decisions would be contentious, but he asserted that he had done his study and provided a number of justifications for them.

Despite the relative popularity of the field, Mr. Liang ranked dentistry as the third worst vocation. He cited a 2017 research in which a robot completed a dental procedure.

Mr. Liang used a Time magazine story to claim that in 2017, a Chinese robot successfully completed the first dental implant.

Five years later, he still thinks robots are becoming better, citing the Yomi Robot’s recent FDA approval to conduct oral surgery in the US.

The robot assists in the planning and surgical stages of the dental implant surgery and directs the doctors.

Over 10,000 dental implants have reportedly been placed using the Yomi method in the US as of January.

A degree in dentistry requires seven years of study and is expensive for Australians, according to Mr. Liang, who adds that there are “better possibilities.”

The TikToker argues that security is the second-worst job and that there are already a “huge” amount of robots in operation.

He used the Cobalt, a robot security guard created by Yelp, as an example of how humans will play a less part in the industry moving forward.

The presence of anything that isn’t supposed to be there may be detected far more effectively by it than by any human security officer, according to Mr. Liang, thanks to its array of HD cameras, infrared cameras, and a variety of other sensors and listening devices.

The worst profession option for Australians, according to him, is working in transportation, particularly as a bus, truck, or taxi driver.

Mr. Liang claims that automation is imminent for the whole sector and uses Tesla’s iconic autopilot vehicles as an illustration.

Every major automaker, according to him, is working on electric vehicles with autonomous driving, and he suggests that those presently employed in the sector shift their employment, begin investing, or consider starting a side business.

On TikTok, his comments sparked discussion, with some people defending him and others discrediting his assertions.

“Agreed,” one fan said. Not enough is spoken about the nature of labor in the future.

I couldn’t agree more with transportation, particularly taxis and trucks, another person added. sooner is preferable.

However, a skeptic questioned how a robot would deter an invader. In reality, I believe security is one profession that cannot be replaced. It could assist discover them but won’t stop them.

Another disagreed, saying that for most sites, security bots are only useful as a supplement to an existing human staff. They were basically a camera on wheels when we tested them, and they were worthless.

The infrastructure for EV trucks in Australia is lacking right now and most likely won’t be for a very long time, a third person noted.

»A TikTok mogul says drivers, security guards, and dentists are Australia’s worst employment«

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