How to reformat an external drive for mac?

How to reformat an external drive for mac?

The majority of the external hard drives are built to work for Windows PCs. Therefore, if you are attempting to connect an external hard drive to your Mac device, then you may need to format the drive completely before you can use it. Well, here’s how to do that:


Step Wise Instruction- How to Format a Hard Drive for Mac Device

Note: If you used your external hard drive on a computer, then you have to make sure to back up any files on it. Always keep in mind that formatting the drive will erase out all the files and data in it.


  • Initially, connect an external hard drive to your Mac. Here, you need to be aware of the fact that some of the external hard drives require to be plugged into an outlet to work,.reboot your  mac data recovery 
  • Therefore, head over to Spotlight Search, and then write “Disk Utility”, & hit the first option shown on the screen. And it will invoke the Disk Utility app, where you can find each and every internal & external drive that are combined with your Mac device.


  • Afterward, choose the “View” located in the top-left corner of the window & then hit the option named “Show All Devices”.
  • Now, it’s time to select the external hard drive you desire to format. Well, here, you can find it under External Hard Drives. And, for the best result, you need to choose the disk (the highest option in the external tree).
  • Now, head over to the top menu, and then hit the option named “Erase”. Once done, it will initiate a small pop-up window where you may find a warning message that erasing the drive will remove all the files and data saved on it & that it can not be undone anymore.
  • Furthermore, make sure to select a name, format, & scheme for your drive. Well, you can select whatever name you desire, & you must go for the GUID Partition Map for the Scheme in the majority of the cases. However, you can select between the underlying formats:


Well, Mac OS Extended (Journaled) is one of the most reliable as well as trustworthy options for most Mac users as it is genuinely compatible with all Macs.  


Apple File System (APFS) is only for most advanced Macs running macOS 10.13 or later.

And when it comes to exFAT, it is genuinely compatible with both Mac & PC.

MS-DOS (FAT) is also compatible with PC & Mac, however, you will be able to transfer files smaller than 4GB.


  • Once you are done with entering all the setup details, simply hit the option named Erase. It will promptly erase the whole drive.

While performing this instruction, if you find any kind of error message that states, “Erase process has failed. Click done to continue,” then do not freak out about it. Basically, it is one kind of error caused by a Time Machine running on the external drive.


Now, it’s time to disable the Time Machine. Perform this by invoking the System Preferences & deselecting the box next to “Back Up Automatically”. Afterward, hit Options beside “Show Time Machine in the menu bar.” Once you perform this instruction, it will invoke another window. Choose the Cancel option & it will disable the Time Machine automatically.


After disabling the Time Machine, you need to follow the same steps from 4 to 6.


How to Partition an External Hard Drive on Mac


Once you’ve formatted your drive, you can then partition the drive, which can divide the drive into two different formats. And it is perfect for anyone who has Macs & PCs and desires to move data and files between the different OS with an external drive. And here’s how to perform that:


  • Invoke Disk Utility & choose the drive that you desire to partition. This is always to hit the View > Show All Devices so that you can choose the disk rather than a container.
  • Head over to the next menu & choose the Partition.
  • Now, select the plus sign that is located at the bottom of the pie chart. Keep in mind, each time you hit this plus sign, a new partition will be built.
  • Select a name, format & size for every partition. Here, you can also modify the size of each partition.
  • Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, simply hit Apply.


Why Partition a Hard Drive?

Well, partitioning an external hard drive enables you to have separate drives for Mac, PC, and any other operating system. Here, you do not have to go out & purchase hard drives for each PC you use.


A partition also renders you a certain amount of dedicated space for bootable backup of your OS or the Time Machine backup files. It also aids in protecting your saved files & data if your drive gets corrupted by malware or any other harmful elements since it can be contained within one of the partitions.


After reading the above-mentioned instructions, now that you are well aware of how to format an external drive for Mac. iPhone Repair Dubai offers macbook repair in Dubai and surrounding places! So, if you have any sort of confusion regarding Mac data recovery or anything relevant, let us know in the comment section below! On the other hand, you can also give us a ring on our toll-free number.


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