Footage shows Nancy Pelosi threatening to hit Trump

Footage shows Nancy Pelosi threatening to hit Trump

Nancy Pelosi threatened to strike former president Donald Trump in new video from January 6, if he showed up with protesters storming the Capitol.

CNN was able to get video of Pelosi’s daughter expressing her frustration at Trump’s address, in which he urged his supporters to protest the certification of the 2020 presidential election by marching to the Capitol.

When Pelosi learns that the Secret Service told Trump not to visit Capitol Hill, an assistant informs her that she threatened to punch the previous president if he disregarded the advice.

Pelosi added, “If he arrives, I’m going to knock him out,” while maintaining her composure. I’ve been anticipating this. I’m going to knock him out for being on the Capitol grounds without permission.

“And I’m going to prison, and I’m going to be pleased,” the speaker said.

The January 6 committee publicly showed portions of the video that CNN presented.

However, the whole, uncut video depicts the total mayhem that occurred during the notorious riot that left five people dead while politicians took refuge in Fort Mcnair.

The majority of the movie follows Pelosi’s activities on January 6, including a phone call she made to Mike Pence, who was then vice president, inquiring about his physical safety in the wake of threats to “Hang Mike Pence.”

Pelosi tells Pense, “We’re at Fort McNair as a backup plan… should something happen that would require that. It has facilities for the House and the Senate to assemble.” We’d like to carry out the task in the Capitol, but it doesn’t seem to be secure.

Pelosi advises Pence to be safe and concealed from the rioters as she talks about pushing through with Joe Biden’s certification.

Pelosi remarked, “I worry about you being in that Capitol chamber.” Don’t reveal your whereabouts to anybody.

The video also reveals a phone conversation between House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy in response to speculations that the National Guard wouldn’t be summoned to quell the unrest.

Schumer said, “I’d want to hear a good God damn reason why it’s been refused.” “Plz, the Capitol is completely out of control.

“There is a picture of a person seated in the Senate chair. We have all been taken outside. There have been some gunshots. We urgently need a complete National Guard component.

Other congressmen, including Mitch McConnel, then join the top two Democrats in Congress to question Christopher Miller, the secretary of defense, about the delay in action.

Schumer and McConnell also emphasize the need of quickly reestablishing order in the Capitol as they tell Miller that National Guard soldiers must “get there in one hell of a hurry.”

In this situation, life and limb are at risk, according to Schumer.

The new video supplements the earlier collection shown on Thursday, in which Pelosi was seen pleading with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam via phone for the backing of the National Guard.

Pelosi stated in the video, “It’s simply horrible, and all at the instigation of the President of the United States.”

The tense hours during which MPs hid in secret places while police battled the crowd were seen on camera for the first time.

In another segment of the film, Pelosi and Schumer can be seen asking Jeff Rosen, Trump’s acting attorney general, for assistance.

Why don’t you, Mr. Attorney General, in the course of your law enforcement duties, ask the president to order them to vacate the Capitol? Schumer aimed a gun at Rosen. A public declaration that they should all go.

He is told by Pelosi that the break-ins and office raids are nothing to worry about.

The worry we have for personal safety and danger to ourselves really transcends everything, she said.

But the reality is that they regularly disobey the law in a variety of ways, and quite honestly, many of them are at the President of the United States’ behest.

The films provide a vivid image of the politicians’ anxiety and uncertainty as well as their drive to resolve the problem, even if it does not much vary from earlier narratives and descriptions of those hours.

At the conclusion of the session, when the panel unanimously voted 9-0 to summon Trump to testify under oath and turn over records pertaining to the Capitol incident, additional, horrifying video emerged.

New proof that Trump received drafts of a speech claiming victory on October 31 – four days before the general election on November 3, 2020 – was also supplied by the seven Democrats and two Republicans.

As evidence that Trump was going to proclaim victory even if he was losing and as evidence that he was aware of his loss but persisted in his accusations of electoral fraud, they also released recent videos and testimonies.

Liz Cheney, vice chair of the committee, introduced the historic resolution and stated: “We must seek the testimony under oath of the important actor from January 6th.”

On his Truth Social app, Trump slammed the committee, demanding to know why they did not act on him sooner.

Why did the Unselect Committee not request my testimony months ago? Why did they wait until the very last seconds of their last encounter? Because the Committee is an absolute “BUST” that has only helped to further polarize our country, which, by the way, is doing terrible and is becoming a laughing joke throughout the world? the former president asked in his letter.

He continued to berate Pelosi with additional insults, this time aimed at her: Why didn’t Crazy I strongly advised Nancy Pelosi to call out the “troops” before to January 6th. Despite the fact that she was in charge, she “didn’t like the style.” Crazy Nancy failed the people of America!

»Footage shows Nancy Pelosi threatening to hit Trump«

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