Emily DiDonato struggles with wrist weights while curling her hair in latest TikTok fitness trend

Emily DiDonato struggles with wrist weights while curling her hair in latest TikTok fitness trend

The latest fitness trend is all about incorporating wrist weights into your everyday morning routine.

Yes, that means you can tone your arms and strengthen your heart while curling your hair, applying makeup, or even doing your skincare regimen.

This innovative workout idea has taken TikTok by storm.

Users are showcasing how they’ve added wrist weights to their routines, and it’s catching on fast.

Model Emily DiDonato jumped on the trend this week, sharing her experience on social media.

She used two-pound wrist weights from the popular brand Bala Bangles, priced at $65.

Starting with straightening her hair, she quickly found out how challenging it was.

Next, DiDonato tried curling her hair, which was even tougher.

After perfecting her look, she dramatically tossed the weights aside, confessing that the effort nearly wiped her out.

Many TikTok users related to her struggle.

Comments poured in about how they already break a sweat doing their hair without any added weight.

One user humorously mentioned that they wouldn’t survive trying to do a slicked-back ponytail with wrist weights.

More Influencers Join In

Hair influencer Abigail Lin also tried this workout with one-pound wrist weights.

She documented her experience blow-drying and curling her hair, and it was clear that it was quite the workout.

She even had to pause several times to catch her breath.

High-Tech Hair Tools and Wrist Weights

Victoria Marano, another TikTok creator, took it a step further by using the $6,000 Dyson Airwrap while wearing the wrist weights.

She had to take breaks due to the intensity, proving that even a few pounds can make a big difference.

Expert Advice: Use Caution

While this trend can help tone your arms, it’s important not to overdo it.

Dr. Haniel Hernandez, a physical therapist from Redefine Healthcare, advised CNET that wrist weights can add stress to the joints. His advice? Remember that sometimes less is more.

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