Edward Troup, Former HMRC Chief, Urges Keir Starmer to Target Well-Off Pensioners with Higher Taxes Before UK General Election

Edward Troup, Former HMRC Chief, Urges Keir Starmer to Target Well-Off Pensioners with Higher Taxes Before UK General Election

Edward Troup, a former HM Revenue & Customs chief advising Labour’s Rachel Reeves, has stirred controversy by suggesting that affluent pensioners should bear a heavier tax burden.

In an interview with LBC Radio, Troup emphasized the need for inheritance tax increases, despite acknowledging their unpopularity.

However, he clarified that these views do not represent official Labour policies, highlighting ongoing debates within the party on taxation strategies.

With polling indicating a potential landslide victory for Labour, tensions are high as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warns of the consequences of an unchecked Labour supermajority.

Recent YouGov and More in Common polls suggest significant gains for Labour, potentially securing over 400 seats in the House of Commons.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives face the prospect of a substantial reduction in parliamentary representation.

As the election campaign reaches its climax, both parties intensify their rhetoric.

Sunak accuses Keir Starmer of flip-flopping on issues and warns against the implications of a Labour majority.

Meanwhile, Starmer faces scrutiny over potential appointments, such as Harriet Harman to the equalities watchdog, amid broader policy debates and electoral strategies.

Troup’s comments on taxing working pensioners reflect broader discussions on fiscal policy under a potential Labour government.

He argues for a reconsideration of National Insurance contributions and means testing for the state pension, emphasizing the need for fiscal responsibility amidst economic challenges.

The Conservatives, facing grim poll predictions, intensify efforts to sway undecided voters with warnings about Labour’s economic policies and governance style.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson rallies supporters, urging them to prevent what he describes as a leftist surge in Parliament, while campaigning vigorously in key constituencies.

Final Appeals and Controversies

In the final days of campaigning, both parties engage in spirited appeals and exchanges.

Johnson’s dramatic speeches contrast with Starmer’s reassurances, as each side tries to sway the electorate on issues ranging from taxation and immigration to national defense and economic stewardship.


With the election outcome poised to reshape British politics, the final push from both Labour and the Conservatives underscores the stakes involved.

As voters prepare to cast their ballots, the debate over economic policy, social initiatives, and governance priorities remains fiercely contested.

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