During dental treatment, dentist deprived 4-year-old of oxygen, leaving her blind, paralysed, and dumb

During dental treatment, dentist deprived 4-year-old of oxygen, leaving her blind, paralysed, and dumb

After a 2016 dental appointment left a Texas family’s 10-year-old daughter Nevaeh Hall blind, crippled, and mute, the family was granted more than $95 million in damages.

When her parents brought their four-year-old daughter to Diamond Dentistry in Houston, Texas, for several teeth to be extracted because they were decayed, she was in good health.

Their little daughter began suffering seizures as they sat in the waiting room for hours, but her dentist, Dr. Bethaniel Jefferson, failed to raise the alarm and chose to treat her herself rather than dialling 911.

Little Nevaeh ultimately had to leave the normal visit in an ambulance and was later sent to the hospital for serious brain injury.

On Thursday, the Houston 269th State District Court declared Jefferson accountable for her carelessness. According to the family’s counsel, the jury determined that the 4-year-old was unnecessarily detained and drugged during the visit.

Additionally, the family claimed that Jefferson separated Hall from her parents while she was having seizures.

Hall’s parents, Courissa Clark and Derrick Hall, testified throughout the trial that she needs round-the-clock medical care.

Jim Moriarty, one of the family’s attorneys, told ABC Houston: “The issue is that the dentist has long ago paid the little amount she was able to.” We’re stuck right now while we sit here.

Jefferson lacks the finances or insurance to pay for the losses.

He continued, saying that this jury had heard more evidence of fraud in the Medicaid dental programme than any other jury in the nation. After hearing that testimony, they returned with a decision that said, “Your losses are significant.”

“That’s more than a moral win,” Moriarty concluded. That is a warning to every dishonest dentist in this nation that they will be held responsible if they exploit our young children or mistreat them in any other way.

The station cited Hall’s mother as saying: “It was absolutely worthwhile to get justice for Neveah.” I can certainly picture her walking and talking again, the mother said, expressing her continued hopes for her daughter.

Ryan Skiver, a different member of the family’s legal team, stated: “The evidence at trial was sad.”

A dentist who was out of control and driven by money chemically and physically smothered a 30-pound girl who was barely older than a toddler, according to Click 2 Houston.

Another person, Katherine McCredy, stated: “Nevaeh’s parents, Courissa and Derrick, bravely campaigned for justice.

They have pleaded with regulators, law enforcement, and political leaders to assist in cleaning up the dentistry business from the start of this nightmare to the present.

Bethaniel Johnson was referred to by Moriarty as a “rotten denist” in an interview with Click 2 Houston.

Jefferson will be on trial for a crime in October. Dr. Jefferson’s medical licence was suspended by the Texas State Board of Dentistry in 2016, and it seems the office has closed.

Small children are cocooned in a papoose-like contraption to prevent them from moving around while having their teeth cleaned.

The 30-pound infant was given five sedatives by Dr. Jefferson throughout the seven-hour treatment, according to an attorney for the family. The whole surgery took place in the papoose for four hours.

After the treatment had been going on for about two hours, Clark claims she heard her daughter sobbing and went to check on her. She could see her thrashing about in the dentist chair even though she wasn’t yet in the papoose.

“OK, do we need to call the ambulance or are you all going to call the ambulance?” I said when I returned there and saw her.

They then stated: “All we’re going to do is attempt to calm her down. We’ll keep an eye on her. We’ll keep an eye on her. You don’t need to be concerned, but we do ask that you all stay in the waiting area while we give her a chance to relax and go,” Clark remembered.

They never stopped reassuring us that everything was OK. When the paramedics returned, it is when we were finally allowed to enter.

Moriarity displayed a chart at the press conference that detailed the young Nevaeh’s vital signs during the process. The child’s oxygen levels dropped to 49% at one point, and her pulse increased to a frantic 196 beats per minute.

In essence, this infant was chemically and physically smothered, according to Jim Moriarty. This youngster had severe brain damage at that time, and it wasn’t necessary for it to happen.

Derrick Hall, Nevaeh’s father, started crying during his speech regarding his daughter’s brain injury during the conference.

“It’s tragic,” you say. Hall told KTRK, “I honestly wouldn’t have dreamed anything like this would happen in a million years.”

A Harris County grand jury on Monday indicted Jefferson in 2017 on counts of willfully and knowingly inflicting significant bodily damage to a child by omission by neglecting to seek and deliver necessary medical care.

A first-degree felony carries a penalty of five to 99 years in prison.

Jefferson had received warnings from the Texas Dental Board in 2012 and 2005 prior to the 2016 incident. The Texas Dental Board suspended Jefferson’s licence in November 2016.

The Assistant Attorney General remarked, “This indictment should send a message to the medical community that they will be held responsible for abandoning their patients in times of crisis.”

“While mishaps in the healthcare sector happen more often than anybody would want, practitioners must respond correctly and call higher level medical care providers when they know their patient is in need of assistance that goes beyond their capacity.

“It is a criminal violation of duty due to the patient to intentionally let a patient to wither away for hours after suffering from a seizure and extremely decreased oxygen levels.”

»During dental treatment, dentist deprived 4-year-old of oxygen, leaving her blind, paralysed, and dumb«

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