Dr. Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh visits AKA

Dr. Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh visits AKA

Previously, AKA was a member of the rap group Entity alongside Dr. Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh and Nhlanhla Makenna.

Fans may have no recollection of this event, as it has been almost a decade since it occurred.

In a recent podcast interview with “Nkululeko n Cultr,” the novelist and activist discussed his early career as a musician.

Mpofu-Walsh described how he and his ex-friend were members of the rap group and revealed his wonderful memories of the group signing their first record deal and being in a large recording studio.

After meeting in high school, the trio enjoyed some initial success as young performers before eventually disbanding.


In 2005, they were nominated for “Best African Hip Hop” at the KORA Awards for their album, Royal School of Hip Hop.

Mphofu-Walsh went on to describe how “disappointed” he feels in AKA when he discusses his early career: “He is quite disdainful of that time era.”

In 2004, Mpofu-Walsh and his bandmates were still in school and attempting to produce an album while pursuing academic success.

In addition, they learned themselves a great deal about the music industry as they advanced.

Mpofu-Walsh has not communicated with AKA since 2009, but he recalls the award-winning rapper’s enthusiasm the first time they were in a studio and when they were learning how to use fruity loops.

This is the first time in years that Mpofu-Walsh has discussed his relationship with Supa Mega in public.

He revealed that the early friendship he had with his previous gang was one of the first significant friendships he had.

“It’s wonderful and fascinating to look back on our lives and see how, at various points, we had friend groups and then drift apart.”

He went on to say that he is confused and saddened by the way in which fame altered the “Fela in Versace” singer.

“I am confused and saddened by the way in which AKA’s celebrity has in some ways altered him.

“You know, having been such close friends as to sleep at each other’s houses and perform this activity together… We are all a part of this really close-knit friend circle.

“In some ways, fame altered AKA”

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September 29, 2022 from YaseBlock B (@ThisIsColbert)

“I believe that popularity has an effect on the people you know, and as his fame grew, he became increasingly estranged from his original group of friends.

“I believe I’ve had various emotions when considering this.

“You are aware that the first was resentment.

“Like, yeah, now that you’re popular, you completely forget about… but I think I’m more empathetic in some respects as well, because I believe it’s difficult to get fame at a young age.”

»Dr. Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh visits AKA«

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