‘Don’t Worry Darling’ mixed reviews: Harry Styles and Florence Pugh were criticised

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ mixed reviews: Harry Styles and Florence Pugh were criticised

It’s also conceivable that Wilde, who directed the charming but unspectacular 2019 comedy “Booksmart,” is capable of crafting a visually appealing and somewhat compelling film that falls somewhere between a failure and a success. “Little White Lies”

“Don’t Worry Darling’s back story may have developed into the most horrifying Hollywood train disaster of the year, but the film itself is nothing like that, which is both a relief and a letdown. Here, Wilde’s lack of creativity is his main flaw. Her film is well performed, beautifully made, and not quite as spooky as it tries to be. Nothing to be concerned about. In the Los Angeles Times

Saying that “Don’t Worry Darling” has a twist isn’t accurate since the movie is so plainly not set in a dreamy 1950s neighbourhood. It’s dishonest, simple, and cheeky, much like the movie, which begins off good before stumbling into puzzling narrative decisions that are made worse by its repulsive motivations. by IndieWire

One would have anticipated a chaotic, piecemeal disaster after hearing all the stories of a problematic set and performers clashing with the director. I wish. The movie is competent, (mostly) well-acted, and just little boring. The vulture

The scandalous commotion is more exciting than what actually occurs on film in the complex and strikingly beautiful but mostly uninteresting psychological thriller. U.S. Today

The consensus among reviewers was that Florence Pugh was the movie’s outstanding performer. Pugh portrays Alice Chambers, a housewife from the 1950s who begins to suspect something is off in her neighbourhood.

Since 2016’s “Lady Macbeth,” the 26-year-old Oxford-born actress has been tipped as the next big thing, and in this role, she becomes a full-fledged movie star – poised, glamorous, and mind-blowingly attractive, yet also emotionally right beside you, and lifting every scene with sparklingly smart choices. The Telegraph.

Even if the screenplay doesn’t offer her a lot of exciting things to do, Pugh handles trepidation and horror effectively within this framework and makes Alice’s mounting worry as genuine as it can be. The vulture

Pugh, like she has with “Black Widow,” “Midsommar,” and other projects, “continues to improve everything she is in—and, boy howdy, it’s required here as the narrative thickens.” U.S. Today

“Pugh roots the movie as a woman who won’t be gaslit but may learn that the alternatives are far awful with her perfectly balanced blend of wrath and scepticism. It is her film. – The Finale

Harry Styles, who portrays Pugh’s husband Jack, is accused by detractors of having trouble keeping up with his co-star.

The biggest barrier for Pugh to overcome is appearing alongside the vacuous Harry Styles, whose acting is so stiff and self-conscious that it’s difficult to take him seriously, much less think this is a figure capable of the atrocities finally exposed in the film’s hysterically obvious climax. “Little White Lies”

The 28-year-old Styles can’t but but seem outmatched in the face of such talent. The former member of One Direction is far from embarrassing, however, and in the end, his half-suave, half-gawky, and never fully believable performance resonates with the movie’s most exciting revelation in some amusing, albeit likely unexpected, ways. The Telegraph.

Styles is adorable but unimpressive. From one scene to the next, nearly everything he accomplishes on screen disappears. – Time

Unfortunately, Styles is the weak link in the cast. Although talented, he fails to give Jack the depth or inner strife the character plainly deserves, particularly in light of the direction the film finally takes. The vulture

What is impressive is how quickly Styles removes his pop star flamboyance while maintaining his British accent, and how he takes over one party scene by dancing as if he were in a 1940s musical. In actuality, Styles comes out as pretty dated. He reminds me of a young Frank Sinatra as an actor with his popping eyes, floppy shock of hair, and saturnine suaveness. Although it’s too soon to know where he’s headed in movies, he might have a successful career if he wanted to. – Diversity

“Styles has previously received (justified) criticism for an accent that is all over the place, and his Jack is likewise something of a nonfactor for most of the duration, though he has more to do following the Big Reveal,” the reviewer said. U.S. Today

Some reviews said that “Don’t Worry Darling’s” fantastic costumes, soundtrack, and scenery helped draw viewers into its universe.

It’s unquestionably a striking arrangement. Even while there’s a tinge of Ryan Murphy-style art-directorial excess, Arianne Phillips’ retro-chic fashion-spread costumes and Katie Byron’s sumptuous midcentury-modern sets (Palm Springs, California, is the obvious inspiration) are a glossy visual feast. The Hollywood Reporter

“Don’t Worry Darling’s” craft elements, particularly John Powell’s score and Arianne Phillips’ costume design, are incomparably superior to the script and the majority of performances, but these aren’t enough to keep Wilde’s sophomore film from feeling replete with sci-fi cliches and undercooked in conception. “Little White Lies”

The fact that the movie also has outstanding technical work, a beautiful immersive feel, and one of actress Florence Pugh’s finest performances to date makes the situation more distressing. How disappointing the rest of it is. by IndieWire

There are conflicting opinions on the impact of the great surprise that critics predict would occur in the third act of the movie.

The only M. Night Shyamalan-style twist that could be greater than the one in “The Sixth Sense” is an M. Night Shyamalan-style twist. Don’t Worry Darling’s major flaw is because it concludes in the incorrect place: This might have been a really potent dystopian chiller, but it abruptly veers into a trite and patched-on female victory. – Time

The Big Reveal that inevitably happens when Alice flees is fairly unique but doesn’t really stand up, like a “Black Mirror” episode that should have been sent back to the writers’ room for another pass or two. The Hollywood Reporter

“Don’t Worry Darling’s ending opts for a fairly well-known twist, one that probably already crossed many viewers’ minds while they were watching the film. However, the explanation ends up being one of the film’s strong points since Wilde adds enough engrossing gore to make the revelation successfully reinterpret much of what has gone on previously. The vulture

But there is a significant twist, which I will of course not disclose. I’ll simply say that it reminds me of “Squid Game” and Shyamalan, that it aims to mess with your brain but could leave you scratching it, and that it does exactly that. – Diversity

»‘Don’t Worry Darling’ mixed reviews: Harry Styles and Florence Pugh were criticised«

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