Constance Wu alleges an ambitious writer assaulted her on their second date

Constance Wu alleges an ambitious writer assaulted her on their second date

Constance Wu claims that while on a date with a budding writer, she was sexually assaulted early in her career.

The 40-year-old actress said in her new book, “Making a Scene,” that she was able to forget the alleged event for years until it came flooding back when she became famous in Hollywood as a result of working on “Crazy Rich Asians”.

She identified Ty as the alleged perpetrator of her rape in the book, an extract of which was published by Vanity Fair before its October 4 release: “I felt like I had been welcomed to the popular kids’ table when Ty asked me out on a date. He was a true New Yorker, 36 years old.

Ty had wide shoulders and was tall. He had the sort of complexion that made it obvious that his shoulders definitely had freckles.

She said, “He touched me between my legs, and I sheepishly moved him away, but he could feel my desire. The claimed rape took place at Ty’s apartment on our second date.

“He began putting the condom on while taking down his trousers, clearly signaling that he wanted to have intercourse, which I did not want.

I apologized and said that I wasn’t ready for sex with you.

She added, “Really, I’m not ready for sex,” as sincerely as I could, with my cheeks blushing, but Ty persisted and was “being so delicate.”

He continued to grin at me like if I were a cat, pulled me close, kissed me, and then he… did it nevertheless.

“I didn’t respond in kind. I just gave up. I regret that that took happened.

He asked me to spend the night. I feigned a need to return to my apartment for my skincare routine as an explanation.

I apologized a million times.

More than ten years after the occurrence, she recalled it, saying, “I was on a plane from Singapore, where I had wrapped up shooting ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’

Just after waking up from a slumber, the revelation flooded over me. My rape by Ty. I was sexually assaulted by him and did nothing to stop it. I unintentionally let out an odd sound that was reminiscent of a squawk.

I hoped nobody on the aircraft heard me since I was embarrassed. My pulse was racing. I briefly became anxious. But eventually I managed to calm myself down. I didn’t agree to have sex.

It was rape, even if it wasn’t violent. Period.”

»Constance Wu alleges an ambitious writer assaulted her on their second date«

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