Connecticut guy who ambushed and killed two cops ‘interacted’ with police at bar that evening

Connecticut guy who ambushed and killed two cops ‘interacted’ with police at bar that evening

The man who murdered two police officers after luring them to his home with a phony 911 call apparently talked with officers earlier that night at a local club.

Nicholas Brutcher, left, and Nathaniel Brutcher, right, allegedly lured two cops to their deaths with a fake 911 call on Wednesday night
According to CT Insider, Nicholas Brutcher and local police met at Bleachers Bar in Bristol, Connecticut, but the nature of their meeting is unknown.

Earlier reports indicated that Brutcher had been ejected from a club before to his rampage, however it is unclear whether that bar was Bleachers Bar.

When reached by, Bleachers refused to respond.

The announcement comes as police release the body-cam footage of one of the three officers who responded to Brutcher’s Bristol residence last Wednesday, Alec Iurato, 26.

Upon the arrival of the police, Brutcher opened fire on them, unleashing more than 80 rounds at the unprepared officers.

35-year-old Dustin DeMonte and 34-year-old Alex Hamzy were both slain in the gunfight.

Nicholas Brutcher allegedly interacted with local cops at Bleachers Bar in Bristol, Connecticut, earlier the same night he murdered two officers after luring them to his home with a fake 9-11 call
Officer Iurato was injured in the leg, but he managed to escape for cover before finding an opening and shooting and killing Brutcher. Unknown is Brutcher’s motivation for carrying out the act.

Nicholas Brutcher allegedly spoke with local police officers at Bleachers Bar in Bristol, Connecticut, earlier on the same night he murdered two officers after luring them to his home with a phony 9-11 call.

Alec Iurato, age 26, was transported to Saint Francis Hospital with life-threatening gunshot wounds, where he underwent surgery and is presently recovering.

Iurato can be seen reflected in the squad car he is hiding behind as he takes aim at Brutcher
Wednesday night, Nicholas and Nathaniel Brutcher allegedly lured two police officers to their deaths with a phony 911 call.

The officer was captured on Iurato’s body camera footage hiding behind a tree while anxiously calling for backup.

“Shooting, shooting, more automobiles, send everyone!” Iurato yelled into his radio while hearing hysterical screams in the background.

Officer shot, officer shot, he repeated as he leaned against the tree and moaned in anguish from his leg wound.

Alex Hamzy, 34, was also killed in the incident which saw the cops met with an armed suspect outside the addressDustin DeMonte, 35, was shot dead while responding to a 911 call of a domestic incident between two brothers in Connecticut
Iurato began to limp to his car for better cover after hearing a second gunshot, and then over thirty gunshots rang out in rapid succession.

Iurato took refuge behind a police car and, while aiming over the hood, fired a single shot.

Someone could be heard shouting, “He’s down” as Iurato shone a light on the spot where Brutcher had fallen. Iurato then yelled, “One down” over his radio as someone yelled, “No!” Oh gosh!’ loudly.

Iurato’s reflection can be seen in the squad car he is hiding behind as he aims at Brutcher.

Iurato shines a light at the location where he fatally shot Brutcher moments earlier. ‘One down,’ he then radioed in.

Dustin DeMonte (left) and Alex Hamzy were shot and killed in Connecticut while responding to a 911 call about a domestic dispute between two brothers.

The police stated that Brutcher’s 9-11 attack was a calculated attempt to draw law authorities to the scene.Nicholas Brutcher, 35, who was described as 'rowdy' and 'always drinking,' was shot dead at the scene

Danny Rodriguez, a witness, stated that he heard three groups of gunfire totaling 30 shots. During the shooting, another woman reportedly said, “You killed them!”

According to KOCO, Rodriguez said, “I heard a huge war going on behind me.”

Rodriguez, according to the New York Times, observed a camouflaged guy with a firearm leaving the Brutcher residence. Before he was shot, another man attempted to hold the disguised man.

State troopers and detectives are still gathering evidence, according to Sgt. Christine Jeltema of the Connecticut State Police, and the “very complicated” investigation is ongoing.

Police are shown investigating the Brutcher home where the officers were shot on Wednesday
During a press conference, she added that it was a “isolated event” with “no threat to the community.”

Chief of Police of Bristol Brian Gould stated that the killings were the consequence of “senseless violence” that has given the department “grief and sorrow.”

Gould stated, “They answered a call to duty and responded without hesitation, just like they had done every night prior.” This is what all of our officers do and will continue to do every day.

It was discovered Friday that Brutcher had been Facebook friends with Officer Alex Hamzy, whom he is accused of killing Wednesday night. Hamzy apparently spelled his last name backwards on the social networking site
Nicholas Brutcher, 35, who was described as ‘loud’ and ‘constantly intoxicated,’ was fatally shot at the scene.

According to his neighbors, the divorced father of two was “constantly drinking” and would frequently check on his brother Nathaniel. During the Wednesday altercation, Nathaniel was shot but not killed.

Another neighbor described Nathaniel as a’skater punk’ and’man-child’ who was often under the influence and did little to organize his life.

When I see Nate, he is as elated as a kite. But cocaine does not cause you to call the police and open fire on them,’ he claimed.

The neighbors also discussed the Brutcher family, which consists of their parents, two biological brothers, and an adopted sister.

A neighbor told the New York Post, “Their mother must be a wreck right now.” She is also more insane than a bag of chips.

The neighbor said that the Brutcher’s father possesses a “really kind heart.” He has cared for their mother and those guys for many years. That guy is a tough dude.’

It is shown that police are investigating the Brutcher residence where the officers were shot on Wednesday.

Sergeant DeMonte was employed as a school resource officer in 2012; he is left by his wife Laura and two small children Phoebe and Porter. They were expecting their third kid.

Gould stated, “Words cannot explain the sorrow and pain that brings me before you this morning.”

DeMonte was named Officer of the Year for 2019 and served as a program advisor for explorer cadets.

Officer Hamzy joined the department in 2014 and was assigned to the patrol division. He is survived by his wife Katie, parents, and two sisters.

In 2018, Iurato was hired and assigned to the patrol division.

On Friday, it was learned that Brutcher and Officer Alex Hamzy, whom he is accused of killing on Wednesday night, were Facebook friends. Hamzy apparently misspelled his surname on a social networking website.

Nicholas Brutcher, who allegedly opened fire on the officers before being killed in the ensuing gunfight, attended Bristol Central High School alongside the ex-New England Patriot.

In a strange turn of events, it was discovered that Brutcher and Hamzy were Facebook friends with each other, using the name Alex Yzmah on the social networking site.

It is unknown whether the two individuals genuinely knew one another.

Brutcher attended Bristol Central High School at the same time as former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, it was discovered.

In 2017, Hernandez committed suicide in a Massachusetts prison cell, following his 2013 arrest and conviction for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

At the time of his suicide at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, he had been exonerated of the double murders of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado and was appealing his conviction for the murder of Lloyd.

It was eventually determined that he had an advanced stage of CTE, which is common among NFL players and causes brain damage.

According to the New York Post, Brutcher and Hernandez were teammates on the school’s football team and shared several mutual friends. Brutcher was a senior when Hernandez was a freshman, therefore it is unknown if they had any further interaction.

Officers of the Bristol Police Department console one another at the scene of Wednesday’s fatal shooting.

Connecticut police officers gathered at the spot where two officers were slain in Bristol.

The day following the shooting, a large number of Connecticut police officers visited the attack site to pay their condolences to the slain officers.

At the memorial gathering, photographs showed uniformed officers lined the roadway, with many wiping away tears and embracing one another.

Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in respect of the dead policemen.

Several floral tributes have been left in front of the Bristol, Connecticut Police Department, which also has black bunting draped over its sign.

»Connecticut guy who ambushed and killed two cops ‘interacted’ with police at bar that evening«

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