childminder who complemented Meghan Markle refuted rumours

childminder who complemented Meghan Markle refuted rumours

A childminder who complimented Meghan Markle on her beauty outside Windsor Castle has refuted internet suggestions that the Duchess of Sussex’s PR staff put her there.

Last Tuesday, September 13, Isabelle Charters, 25, talked to Meghan Markle when she and other mourners were waiting on the Long Walk in Windsor with her father, brother, and boyfriend.

As Prince Harry and Meghan arrived, she recorded a video in which the girl in the throng next to her, 14-year-old Amelka Zak, was seen giving Meghan a hug.

Then Ms. Charters exclaims to Meghan, “Oh my goodness, you are very stunning.”

She was astonished, however, when it was claimed on social media that she had been paid to go by Meghan Markle’s public relations team.

Some claim that she was deliberately placed there so that her team could discover her.

Some people have also claimed that Ms. Charters and Meghan are longtime pals from the Invictus Games.

Additionally, she was falsely charged with being Amelka’s mother.

Ms. Charters captured the interaction between Meghan and her and Amelka on camera and uploaded it to TikTok, where it has received 30 million views.

Many of you may have seen the viral video that is now circulating around, she said.

That I staged to show the girl standing next to me and I spoke to Meghan.

“This exchange was really close-knit and intimate.” The girl next to me did eventually give Meghan a hug, and this footage has given birth to several false reports.

The recent childminder Ms Charters, a graduate, said: “I’m just here to clear it all out.”

“I’m the girl next to the girl who embraces Meghan who is wearing the denim jacket.”

I’m the young lady who exclaims, “Oh my goodness. You are really incredibly gorgeous.

“Now for background. In actuality, I have spent my whole life in Windsor. On that particular day, my dad, brother, and I were all out and about in Windsor.

You may find that shocking, but I had never met the female next to me who ended up embracing Meghan.

“I’m not friends with this chick. I have no connection to her. By sheer coincidence, we were standing next to one another in the throng. We had never met before.

However, she said, “We did end up getting along because we were both so eager to meet Meghan.

Initially, we were unaware that she would be present. At first, just William and Kate were present.

Consequently, “I believe out of everyone around us, we were the two who were most enthused by it when they announced Meghan and Harry were going to attend.”

Here’s where everything gets insane, she said. I’ve read and seen videos claiming that I’m the girl’s mother and that Meghan’s public relations team paid for me to be there.

“I was put in that location,” I said, “because I knew Meghan from the Invictus Games previously.”

She said that a body language specialist had indicated that she seemed to be an actress.

In the end, she said, “I just wanted to express that the experience and relationship we had with Meghan was truly nice and genuine.”

Even though it was brief, it was incredibly lovely, and don’t believe what you read online, she was very polite to us.

Amelka told CNN that she had wanted to give the princess a hug to let her know that the British people still loved her.

We were just waiting for her to arrive when she approached me and inquired about my name, how my day was, and how long I had been waiting.

And when I asked her for a hug, she gave it to me in return. It was a very incredible moment. I’m still trembling.

After “all that transpired,” the astonished adolescent said she wanted to provide a nice welcome to the American.

“Everyone was sort of supporting me, and I suppose I felt like I needed to in a sense because I kind of look up to her, and it seemed like the proper thing to do,” she said.

It was lovely to see Megan and Harry, as well as William and Kate, together, she said, adding that she had enjoyed seeing the Princes.

Although everything went well, I still felt the need to make her feel welcome. and, after all that has transpired, truly, wanted to embrace her.

One complainant, going by the name Genevieve, sent pictures of Ms. Charters and a lady who looked like her from the Invictus Games.

Can someone explain this to me, she asked? The same lady, but it was staged to seem impromptu.

It was an unexpected gathering, so how would they have known Meghan Markle was there?

“On the stroll, her daughter gave Meghan Markle a hug and said, “You are very lovely.”

This was obviously staged, then.

And she wasn’t a plant like Miss Amelka, a different Cary added to the conversation on social media. She then inquired as to the amount that Harry and Meghan were paying the couple.

»childminder who complemented Meghan Markle refuted rumours«

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