Chief Harold Webb Faces Termination After Refusal of Drug Test Amid Allegations of Theft and Neglect in Ohio’s New Miami Village

Chief Harold Webb Faces Termination After Refusal of Drug Test Amid Allegations of Theft and Neglect in Ohio’s New Miami Village

In a dramatic turn of events, Chief Harold Webb of New Miami Village, Ohio, faced termination following a series of serious allegations by Mayor Jewell Hayes-Hensley.

The mayor accused Chief Webb of various misconducts, ranging from neglecting 911 calls to falsifying overtime records and even allegedly stealing hot dogs from a local gas station.

One of the pivotal moments leading to Chief Webb’s dismissal was his refusal to undergo a drug test when requested by Mayor Hayes-Hensley.

The request, made in light of concerns about the police department’s environment, allegedly smelling of marijuana, was met with resistance from Chief Webb, who found the conditions of the test degrading.

Mayor Hayes-Hensley detailed a lengthy list of accusations against Chief Webb, including accusations of ‘theft in office’ for falsifying timesheets and discrepancies in his reported hours worked versus actual time logged at the station.

These accusations painted a troubling picture of misconduct within the department.

Marijuana Smell and Administrative Issues

During a visit to the police department, Mayor Hayes-Hensley noted a strong smell of marijuana, which Chief Webb attributed to a previous raid that had seized a significant amount of marijuana.

This discovery further fueled suspicions and ultimately led to the demand for a drug test, which Chief Webb vehemently opposed.

Resignation Drama and Council Decision

Despite Chief Webb offering to resign amid the escalating controversy, he never submitted a formal resignation letter.

This left the New Miami Village council with no choice but to terminate him, citing the need to uphold community safety and address the misconduct allegations seriously.

Mayor’s Vision for the Village

In response to the upheaval, Mayor Hayes-Hensley emphasized her commitment to improving village safety and community standards.

She expressed a dedication to enhancing police presence and cleaning up crime and housing issues, aiming to rebuild trust and stability within New Miami Village.

Professional History and Defense

Throughout the ordeal, Chief Webb’s legal counsel highlighted his decades of law enforcement experience and the support he garnered from his colleagues.

Despite the allegations, Chief Webb’s lawyer and supporters portrayed him as a respected figure within the force, raising questions about the severity and validity of the accusations against him.

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