Ben Wallace criticizes Macron for “revealing his hand” by claiming he won’t deploy nuclear weapons

Ben Wallace criticizes Macron for “revealing his hand” by claiming he won’t deploy nuclear weapons

Ben Wallace has reprimanded Emmanuel Macron after the French president ruled out a nuclear strike against Russia.

French president Emmanuel Macron appeared to confirm France would not use nuclear weapons if Russia used its own nukes in Ukraine in an interview on French television (pictured)

The British secretary of state for defence stated that Mr. Macron had shown his hand by guaranteeing that France will not respond in kind if Vladimir Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

As his unlawful invasion of Ukraine continues to flounder, there is increased concern that the Russian president could authorize a nuclear assault, although the Kremlin has denied that it wants to deploy its arsenal.

UK defence secretary Ben Wallace appeared to rebuke Mr Macron by saying he had 'revealed' his hand

In recent weeks, NATO partners have frequently warned that Russia would face terrible consequences if it were to undertake such an attack, although the specific nature of these consequences has been kept purposely vague.

And these threats will loom big in Putin’s imagination when nuclear bombers launch from British bases next week to simulate a nuclear attack on his country.

It comes as the US sends B-52 bombers (pictured right) over the Atlantic to take part in Nato nuclear readiness drills

During next week’s nuclear-readiness exercise, dozens of aircraft from NATO allies will be scrambled as part of the exercise and as a united display of force.

In an interview with French television, French President Emmanuel Macron appeared to confirm France would not deploy nuclear weapons if Russia used its own nuclear weapons in Ukraine (pictured)

The defense secretary of the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace, appeared to criticize President Macron by stating that he had “shown his hand.”

It comes as the United States deploys B-52 bombers (shown on the right) across the Atlantic to participate in NATO nuclear training.

France would not use a nuclear weapon against Russia if it used one of its own atomic weapons against Ukraine, the French President has said (File image: Russian nuclear missile)

Yesterday, however, a crack developed in this united front when French President Emmanuel Macron appeared to rule out the use of his country’s nuclear arsenal in the event of a strike by Vladimir Putin for fear of starting a “world war.”

In an interview with France 2 he stated, “Our policy is based on the nation’s core interests.” They are precisely defined and would not be adversely affected by, say, a nuclear ballistic missile attack in Ukraine.’

Mr. Wallace, when asked about the French president’s remarks at yesterday’s NATO meeting in Brussels, stated that it “reveals President Macron’s hand.”

He continued, “If Russia were to deploy a nuclear bomb, we believe there would be terrible repercussions for Russia.” It would constitute a violation of the 1945 ban on the use of nuclear weapons. And it would leave him worldwide extremely isolated.’

A senior Nato source said Mr Macron (pictured) should not have talked publicly about what would happen if Putin used nuclear weapons in Ukraine

The Telegraph cites Nato officials as saying that Mr. Macron’s statements could undermine the ‘principles of deterrence’ and that he should not ‘discuss it publicly.’

The French President has stated that France would not deploy nuclear weapons against Russia if Russia used one of its own nuclear weapons on Ukraine (File image: Russian nuclear missile)

Macron should not have spoken publicly on what would happen if Putin used nuclear weapons in Ukraine, according to a senior Nato source.

NATO defence ministers meet in Brussels yesterday as they discuss military aid to Ukraine, ahead of a meeting to plan an upcoming nuclear exercise

Yesterday, NATO defense ministers met in Brussels to discuss military assistance to Ukraine before to a meeting to prepare an impending nuclear exercise.

The day before, a senior NATO official stated that if Russia were to strike, it would “very probably elicit a violent response from numerous partners, and possibly from NATO itself.”

Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg warned that there would be “serious consequences” if nuclear weapons were used, but he declined to elaborate on NATO’s potential response.

Mr. Stoltenberg warned Moscow of “grave repercussions” if it used any type of nuclear weapon against Ukraine, but he declined to elaborate on NATO’s potential response.

A nuclear strike, according to the NATO head, would radically alter the nature of the battle and represent the crossing of a very crucial line.

Russia asserts that Ukraine’s membership in NATO will assure World War III.

Russia has threatened a third world war if the Ukraine is awarded NATO membership, a member of the Russian Security Council stated today.

Alexander Venediktov, deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council, said the Kremlin’s TASS news agency, “Kyiv is well aware that such a move would guarantee an escalation to World War Three.”

Mr. Venediktov, the deputy to Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev, a prominent supporter of Vladimir Putin, stated that he believed the Ukrainian application to be propaganda.

He explained that this was due to the fact that the West recognized the implications of Ukrainian membership in NATO – namely, that the fifth ‘collective defense’ article would be activated.

This means that an attack on one NATO ally is considered an attack on all NATO allies.

Mr. Venediktov stated, “Appearingly, this is what they are banking on in order to generate informational noise and attract attention to themselves once more.”

“NATO members understand the suicidal nature of such an action,” he continued.

Mr. Venediktov stated, “We must remember that a nuclear conflict will effect the entire world, not just Russia and the collective West, but every country on Earth.”

The results would be terrible for all of humanity.

“Even the use of a lesser nuclear weapon would be extremely grave and would radically alter the essence of the conflict in Ukraine,” he said.

EU foreign policy leader Josep Borrell warned in Bruges that any nuclear assault against Ukraine will be met by a response, not a nuclear response, but a military response so overwhelming that the Russian army would be obliterated, and Putin should not consider this a bluff.

Similar to Mr. Stoltenberg, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin refused to speculate on how NATO might respond to a nuclear attack, describing Russia’s threats as dangerous and irresponsible.

At a news conference, he stated, “I don’t see any need to change what we’re doing right now based on the indicators and warnings.”

Dozens of RAF and US air force airplanes have traveled to Europe in preparation for Nato exercises that will mimic the launch of nuclear weapons against Russia.

The exercises, codenamed ‘Steadfast Noon,’ would take place the next week with 60 planes from 14 NATO nations simulating a nuclear strike on Putin.

F-15 Eagles from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, which can carry nuclear weapons, and B-52s from the United States will be among the aircraft participating.

The annual practice, which does not involve live bombs, will imitate Putin’s defenses using RAF Typhoons as Russian MiG jets, according to The Sun.

The exercises were scheduled before to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine in February, with US officials stating that they have been held annually at this time for more than a decade.

Mr. Stoltenberg stated on Tuesday that canceling the exercises due to the conflict in Ukraine would have sent a’very incorrect signal’

The majority of simulations will occur more than 1,000 kilometers (625 miles) from Russia, according to a US defense official.

The U.S. defense official stated, “While we will continue routine activities to maintain our (nuclear) deterrent, there will be no special messaging associated with our exercises.”

We believe that nuclear saber rattling is foolish and reckless. Russia may elect to play this game, but we will not.

Russia is preparing to hold its annual Grom exercise, which typically occurs in late October and involves testing its nuclear-capable aircraft, submarines, and missiles.

Mr. Stoltenberg stated that NATO will continue to closely watch Russia’s yearly nuclear drills, as it has for decades, and would remain cautious “not least in light of the veiled nuclear threats and dangerous rhetoric we have witnessed from the Russian side.”

»Ben Wallace criticizes Macron for “revealing his hand” by claiming he won’t deploy nuclear weapons«

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