Ben Shapiro, DailyWire’s Jewish owner, ‘radically disagrees’ with Kanye West

Ben Shapiro, DailyWire’s Jewish owner, ‘radically disagrees’ with Kanye West

The Jewish founder of DailyWire says he ‘radically disagrees’ with Candace Owens and Kanye West after the rapper’s anti-Semitic statements, but will continue to work with Owens and invite West to events because he promotes ‘open dissent’

Ben Shapiro made the statements yesterday after receiving widespread criticism for permitting Kanye West to attend the premiere of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, the documentary directed by Jesse Owens.

Together with Owens, DailyWire created the documentary that accuses the BLM of misappropriating millions of money.

She has supported West since he tweeted that he wanted to inflict “death con 3” on Jewish people, a remark that got him banned from social media and outraged his Hollywood peers.

Shapiro revealed in a live video broadcast last night why he has not severed ties with Owens and West.

His remarks were anti-Semitic. Pure, rote anti-Semitism. I do not believe that to be defensible. I disagree with Candace on a multitude of subjects. DailyWire+ is a feature, not a bug, in that we openly dispute on all of this content. I express my opinions, and she expresses hers. We engage in combat.

Ben Shapiro made the remarks yesterday after being widely criticized for allowing West to attend the premiere of Owens' documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

The rapper, who has a history of mental illness, appeared at the Nashville premiere of Candace Owen's new documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, which accuses the BLM organization of misappropriating millions of dollars in donations

He attributed Kanye’s outburst on his mental illness.

The true answer is that Kanye is a bipolar individual. Bipolar individuals have a tendency to utter extremely weird and offensive things. There is a distinction between someone delivering Kanye West’s words coherently and Kanye West using faulty grammar during what appears to be a weird moment of his life.

Owens also claimed that JP Morgan Chase severed links with the rapper in response to the post, despite the fact that the bank severed ties a month ago, when West’s relationships with Gap and Adidas ended.

The Chase letter stated, ‘We are writing this letter to confirm our recent conversation with [associate’s name] that JP Morgan Chase Bank has decided to sever its banking relationship with Yeezy, LLC and its connected organizations.

Before November 21, 2022, we request that you transfer your business to another banking institution.

West has also disparaged his business relationships with Gap and Adidas.

In September, West severed ties with Gap, and Adidas reevaluated its highly successful deal with him.

“We are proud of our staff, which has worked relentlessly throughout our relationship with Ye and the creation of its renowned products. In addition, we acknowledge that all successful collaborations are founded on mutual regard and shared principles.

“After repeated efforts to quietly settle the matter, we have decided to reassess the cooperation,” the firm said in a statement released last week.

The conservative firebrand tweeted on Wednesday evening, hours before West walked the red carpet at the screening of Owens’ new anti-BLM documentary The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM.

‘I discovered earlier today that @kanyewest was officially expelled from JP Morgan Chase bank.

She added, “I was told there was no official reason given, but they sent this letter as well to indicate that he has until late November to locate another place for the Yeezy empire to bank…what has put us in to these circumstances is an ongoing dialogue that I would like to initiate.”

Although seemingly unconnected, West’s ban from Chase came shortly after Motherboard obtained an unaired clip of his interview with Tucker Carlson in which he stated that Planned Parenthood was founded to ‘manage the Jewish people’ through eugenics.

“When I say Jew, I mean the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who are actually the people known as the race dark,” he continued. “This is the nature of our people. The blood Christ shed. As a Christian, I believe this.

The tape was conspicuously removed from the interview when it aired last week on Fox News.

However, the aired portions of West’s interview were filled with odd comments, such as his assertion that his children had been substituted by ‘professional actors’ to’sexualize my kids.’

He also promoted the anti-Semitic stereotype that Jews are adept with money, stating, “I would rather my children learned Hanukkah than Kwanzaa.” At least it will include some financial engineering,’ she said with a chuckle.

Last weekend, West’s Twitter account was disabled after he said, “I’m a little sleepy now, but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”

He continued, ‘The irony is that I cannot be anti-Semitic because black people are also Jews. You have messed with me and attempted to blackball opponents of your plan.’

His attack on Jewish people came just one day after he posted screenshots of messages written to Diddy on Instagram, in which West, 45, accused the rapper of being under the sway of Jewish people who were attempting to quiet his “White Lives Matter” message.

Following his appearance at Owens’ premiere last night, West told reporters that he was pleased to have “stepped the boundary” so that “we can speak openly about things like having our bank account cancelled.”

People exploit anti-Semitism to conceal poor economic practices. To assert that criticizing someone’s business practices constitutes anti-Semitism.

Do you believe that the remark came out of the blue? I have had a number of negative experiences in Hollywood, particularly with black entertainers, he stated.

Many have hypothesized that West, who has admitted to suffering from bipolar disorder, is currently experiencing a psychological crisis.

»Ben Shapiro, DailyWire’s Jewish owner, ‘radically disagrees’ with Kanye West«

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