Antonio Brown is recorded shoving his penis in a woman’s face

Antonio Brown is recorded shoving his penis in a woman’s face

Antonio Brown, a former receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was observed in a Dubai swimming pool exposing his penis to a woman’s face and pointing his butt at her.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown was filmed flashing a woman his bare butt and penis while at the Armani Hotel Dubai swimming pool
The newly leaked footage of Brown’s excursion to the Armani Hotel in Dubai on May 14 shows the disturbed former football player thrusting his bare butt into the face of a surprised woman, who attempts to flee the nude man.

Witnesses told the New York Post that as others encouraged Brown to continue pressing his butt towards the woman, he grabbed a head scarf from another swimmer and attempted to wrap it around her.

He then proceeds to pick her and throw her into the pool, prompting an observer to comment, “He’s waterboarding her.”

Another man replies, “He’s handing her the long board.”

Brown (pictured in the same trip) was seen repeatedly flashing the woman and grabbing her inside the pool, asking her, 'You want it?' as he showed his privates

Brown then showed his penis at the woman and asked, ‘You want it?’ as if he were taking a cue from the peanut gallery.

Antonio Brown, a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, was captured on camera flashing a woman his naked butt and penis in the Armani Hotel Dubai swimming pool.

Brown (seen on the same vacation) was observed repeatedly flashing the woman and pulling her in the water, asking her, “You want it?” while exposing his privates.

The former NFL star-turned-aspiring rapper was in Dubai with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for an exhibition boxing match (above). A hotel staffer said multiple people complained about Brown allegedly breaking laws in the strict United Arab Emirates

The former NFL player turned aspiring rapper was in Dubai for an exhibition boxing battle with Floyd Mayweather Jr. (above). Multiple people, according to a hotel employee, have charged that Brown has violated rules in the stringent United Arab Emirates.

It’s the latest in a string of controversies that led the former Buccaneer (seen on the left with Tom Brady) to leave the NFL and launch a rapping career.

Multiple others lodged complaints with hotel employees about Brown’s activities, according to two witnesses who told the Post that he repeatedly exposed himself to the woman.

Hotel representatives declined to comment on the incident.It's the latest in a series of controversies that led the former Buccaneer (left, alongside Tom Brady) to quit the NFL and kickstart a rapping career

A staff member, commenting on the condition of anonymity, informed the publication that other guests complained about Brown disregarding the dress code of the United Arab Emirates by baring his chest in the hotel.

The nation in the Middle East adheres to Sharia law and has stringent morality laws that might have put Brown in serious trouble.

Other accusations alleged that Brown smoked marijuana in his room, which is illegal in the United States.

All hotel events occurred during Brown’s trip to Dubai with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for a boxing performance.

Former Buccaneer Brown’s retirement from the NFL was marred by controversy due to his long history of outrageous behavior; he now aims to be a rap artist.

Brown (above), a hotel employee at the Armani Hotel Dubai, was violating the United Arab Emirates’ dress code by displaying his naked chest to hotel guests.

Brown, who was photographed standing on a bridge in Dubai, could have faced heavy penalties in the United Arab Emirates, which adheres to Sharia law.

In January, the troubled Pro Bowler startled NFL fans around the country with a dramatic meltdown during a game.

During the Buccaneers’ game against the Jets at MetLife Stadium, the benched Brown ran onto the field shirtless following an apparent altercation with coaches regarding his health.

Brown alleged that the ‘dangerous medications’ the Buccaneers’ medical staff gave him for his ankle injury triggered his outburst.

Later, he was suspended when Buccaneers authorities claimed he refused mental health assistance.

Although the event finally led to Brown’s dismissal from the organization and his status as a free agent before he announced his retirement from the NFL, he had long been the subject of criticism.

Before storming off the field in January, Antonio Brown claims he was suffering from a significant ankle injury and was injected with a deadly medication by Tampa Bay Buccaneers medical professionals.

Brown, pictured before (left) and during (right) his outburst, was suspended days later when Buccaneers authorities claimed he refused mental health assistance.

A New Jersey State Police officer observes in the background as Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown throws his gloves into the stands during his memorable walk-off celebration.

Britney Taylor, a former female trainer, filed a complaint against Brown in 2020, accusing him of sexually assaulting her.

Brown was suspended for eight games for breaching the NFL’s personal conduct rules, despite the fact that the lawsuit was settled outside of court.

In the same year, after being traded from the Oakland Raiders, Brown was charged with burglary and violence in Florida for hitting a truck driver transporting his goods from California.

Brown was sentenced to two years of probation, which required him to complete anger management classes.

»Antonio Brown is recorded shoving his penis in a woman’s face«

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