Abductors Demand Over 30 Million Naira Ransom for Lawyer’s Family – Kidnapping in Abuja Estate

Abductors Demand Over 30 Million Naira Ransom for Lawyer’s Family – Kidnapping in Abuja Estate

Abduction and Ransom Demand:

The wife and two in-laws of Barrister Cyril Adikwu, taken from the Nigeria Army post Housing Estate Kurudu in Abuja, are reportedly facing a ransom demand exceeding 30 million naira.

The kidnapping occurred on Thursday night when assailants invaded the estate.

Details of the Kidnapping Incident:

The incident unfolded around 10:00 pm when unknown assailants infiltrated the estate and abducted Adikwu’s wife and two in-laws.

Barrister Cyril Adikwu, who managed to escape the kidnappers’ arrival at his residence, revealed that he has been in contact with the abductors.

Ransom Demand and Timeframe:

The abductors have communicated a ransom demand surpassing 30 million naira, specifying a timeframe for its payment.

Barrister Adikwu shared his harrowing experience, recounting the moment the kidnappers entered his compound and the subsequent escape.

He emphasized the trauma and ongoing communication with the kidnappers, who set a deadline for the ransom.

Personal Account of the Incident:

Adikwu described the night of the incident, highlighting the entry of the kidnappers into his compound and the ensuing chaos.

He emphasized the urgency of the situation and the prompt demand for ransom.

Despite concerns about misinformation, he confirmed the ransom amount exceeding 30 million naira.

Collaboration with Security Agencies:

An official from the estate management, choosing anonymity, assured that they are actively collaborating with security agencies to ensure the safe rescue of the kidnapped victims.

The estate management expressed deep regret over the unfortunate incident and emphasized their commitment to working closely with security personnel.


The distressing situation faced by Barrister Cyril Adikwu’s family underscores the prevalent security challenges in certain areas.

The ransom demand adds a layer of urgency to the efforts to secure the safe release of the victims.

The collaboration between the estate management and security agencies reflects a collective determination to address the situation and rescue the abducted individuals.