A woman accuses married Florida lineman of infidelity in stunning video

A woman accuses married Florida lineman of infidelity in stunning video

In a shocking video, a woman confronts a married lineman in hurricane-ravaged Florida and accuses him of adultery. As hundreds of the workers arrived in the state in response to Ian, local “bucket bunny” housewives began lusting for them online.

An anonymous lady in the Sunshine State is seen filming the argument from the first-person perspective as she confronts a power line technician, commonly known as a lineworker, in the video shared online this week by TikTok user @kimberlygray11101.

The lady asks in the footage, one of several that have been shared on social media recently as the often-strapped lineman have traveled to Florida to restore electricity to places that were devastated by the hurricane that left millions without power.

The worker can be seen standing by silently as the lady adds, “He’s down here, in Florida, trying to hit on me.” He is an official. This is your spouse, I’m just saying,” the lady continues.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, she was one of many internet users to advise others to hang onto their husbands while they go to Florida for work. This sparked an online conflict between Florida women and lineworkers’ spouses.

Thousands of disgruntled husbands have joined the growing feud on TikTok and Twitter by warning other wives to be on the lookout for predatory housewives they have termed “bucket bunnies.”

Naturally, the phrase refers to the bucket trucks on which lineworkers stand to securely access high-voltage electrical wires that need maintenance.

All of the posters imply that these single ladies are attempting to seduce linemen into cheating on their spouses, and several of the messages harshly advise the allegedly errant wives to keep away from their husbands.

In the meanwhile, a few of the “bucket bunnies” have retaliated with their own writings, confessing their immoral intents and longing for the flood of attractive young guys.

Others cheered at the influx of available bachelors and posted Tinder photos of the transients wearing neon shirts and hardhats.

The end consequence has been nothing less than anarchy, with the all-consuming fight spreading throughout the whole internet.

In a passionate post that has now received millions of views on TikTok and Twitter, one self-described “pipeline wife” said, “I stand with all the lineman spouses as they prepare to take on Florida’s bucket bunnies.”

The user @ohhmtee said, “Blue collar is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle,” denouncing the ostensibly cruel craze for preying on happy couples and children.

Being a “linewife” is considerably more substantial than previous jokes may imply, TikToker @linewifejessica remarked in another post.

The user said, “This life isn’t a TREND and being a bucket bunny isn’t appealing.”

One more said they aren’t concerned about their spouses cheating since the results are obvious.

This week, @alabama.sisi posted a post on TikTok with the statement, “I’m very sure I can speak for the majority of linewives.” I can assure you that the guys are more afraid of their elderly lady’s anger than they are of Hurricane Ian at the moment.

Another spouse made a similar statement, saying, “I think I can speak for the majority of line spouses… I can assure you that the guys are more afraid of their elderly lady’s anger than they are of Hurricane Ian at the moment.

However, some native Floridians have welcomed the newcomers since Ian made ashore on the state’s southwest coast on September 28. Some have done so in jest, but many have done it sincerely.

One user commented in a now widely shared TikTok that showed a slideshow of the lineworkers’ Tinder profiles, “Everyone says pray for Florida yet this is out there right now.”

Others noted how their FYP, short for “For Your Page,” or what TikTok’s algorithm selects to display to you when you use the app, has been inundated by lineman who seem to be attempting to exploit the fact that they are in a foreign location to cheat on their partners.

My whole FYP right now!, one user exclaimed before adding, “Their tinder bio: here for a good time, not for a long term.”

Some implied that they were vying for a portion of the overtime payments made to the employees to cope with the storm’s effects; the phrase “six figures” was often used.

Other, bolder online users boldly proclaimed themselves to be “bucket bunnies” despite the term’s potentially disastrous connotations.

A young lady declares: “To the girl that stated that the other day, yeah – I am a bucket bunny” in a post that was also shared by @kimberlygray11101. Yes, I do appreciate my strength.

The woman then loudly declares, sounding more and more adamant, “I will bucket-bunny chase all day!”

While this has been going on, linemen have been working nonstop to help with the natural disaster relief efforts that have claimed the lives of over 100 people.

The hurricane, which made landfall last week in the gulf coast before sweeping across the middle and upper regions of the state, is still being evaluated by officials for the damage it caused.

It’s unclear if the thousands of linemen who have been deployed to the state from all over the country are also working as hard on their dating profiles.

As of Sunday, nearly 20,000 Floridians were still without electricity.

»A woman accuses married Florida lineman of infidelity in stunning video«

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