A secondary School Girl Was Caught In The act

A secondary School Girl Was Caught In The act

A secondary school girl  has been recorded on camera crying moments after her boyfriend ended their romantic relationship.

In a video that is making round  social media , he reportedly walk up to her and  broke up with her after school closing hour and she fell to the ground crying uncontrollably the moment the break up news was broken to her

The girl who was said to be in SS1 could be seen sitting carelessly on the ground and sobbing over her broken heart by her boy friend

Her friends and colleagues surrounded and consoled while some of them asked her to stand up so that they can start  going  home.
Another student, a  young boy who was recording the incident told and encouraged her not to cry because she has at least ‘eaten’ his money while they were dating.

In swift response to the other boy, one of the friends  of the heartbroken girl noted that the boy who has broken up with her friend does not have money to spend and she immediately added by saying  the things he bought for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day did not cost more than N5,000

Romantic relationship is now common and conversant with secondary school students. A phase that they are not mentally and emotionally ready for. The strange part of it is that these student are not afraid or scared of flaunting their relationship among their peers as they even see it as competition and a yard stick for maturity and being In vog

»A secondary School Girl Was Caught In The act«

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