A older citizen with a pick-axe terrorizes a Pasadena family, who may never return home

A older citizen with a pick-axe terrorizes a Pasadena family, who may never return home

A Pasadena father whose home was attacked by a neighbor carrying a pickaxe while his child and mother-in-law were inside stated that his family is so disturbed that they may relocate.

Monday afternoon, Beverly Baker, 65, was captured on camera carrying the weapon in a horrific incident that authorities say was random and the consequence of a mental health breakdown.

Arman Tchoukadrian’s Ring camera captured Baker approaching the house and smashing its windows before walking away and returning to destroy more.

The mother-in-law of Tchoukadrian was in the house with his infant daughter, who was sleeping in a cradle near a window.

Tchoukadrian, a chiropractor, stated that the infant would have sustained severe injuries if her grandma had not intervened.

He responded, “I don’t know if we have to leave, but as of right now, this is not our safe area.”

This serves as a constant reminder of what occurred.

Baker was charged with felony vandalism on Wednesday and will be arraigned on Friday in Pasadena Superior Court, according to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Tchoukadrian is seeking an order of protection.

Commander Bill Grisafe of the Pasadena Police Department stated that the two were unrelated and that Baker was experiencing a mental health crisis.

“We have no motivation or justification for this,” he told DailyMail.com.

He refused to disclose whether or not she had a record with the department.

She owns many properties in the region, according to Tchoukadrian, who had never seen her before.

He suspects he was the victim of a racial attack because he is Armenian, but authorities have yet to determine the woman’s motivation.

According to public records, Baker co-owns a $1 million home across the street from her family’s residence with one of her children.

It coincides with a 4.2% increase in the total number of violent crimes in Los Angeles.

Tchoukadarian stated that he believes the family has lost their safe haven as a result of the tragedy.

The homeowner estimates that the incident caused approximately $20,000 in damages to the residence.

Baker brazenly approached the residence with a huge weapon when his mother-in-law was alone with the infant.

She was able to retrieve the infant from the window just before it cracked.

My kid would not be alive if my mother-in-law hadn’t acted as quickly as she did,’ Tchoukadarian told KTLA.

She broke one window and returned. To catch my attention, my mother-in-law came out screaming and yelling.

The police spotted her casually strolling with a pickaxe on her back, as if she had just finished using it.

Baker repeatedly reappeared with the pickaxe slung over her shoulder and said, ‘Questions? Questions anyone? I’ll be back; leave.

The daughter-in-mother law’s snatched the infant and hid her in a cupboard.

Relatives had to spend ten minutes convincing her it was safe and coaxing her out of the house.

Tchoukadarian expressed gratitude to NBC 4 that his mother-in-law saved the life of his daughter.

“She is our lifesaver,” he stated through tears.

The Pasadena Police Department then detained her at her residence, just a few blocks from the scene of the attack.

According to investigators, Baker may have suffered from mental illness, though this cannot be proved.

Baker resisted arrest for around thirty minutes, but was eventually taken into jail and charged with felony vandalism.

The event has traumatized Tchoukadarian’s family, he added, adding, ‘She needs to be in the appropriate place, receiving the correct help.

That is no justification for attacking someone’s family, their newborn, their ideal home, and their life and sanity.

»A older citizen with a pick-axe terrorizes a Pasadena family, who may never return home«

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