2023: Elect Leaders Based On Competence — Obasa

2023: Elect Leaders Based On Competence — Obasa

This was mentioned by Obasa at the Anchor University’s first Distinguished Public Lecture of the Humanities Faculty in Lagos.

“And, as you are aware, the first things that are asked for when someone applies for a job are the person’s qualifications and experience,” Obasa stated. So, when deciding who will be our leader in 2023, we must consider who is competent and has done something close to what we want.

“We can recall that not long ago, in Lagos State, we had someone who created a solid basis, particularly in terms of revenue.” We understand that without revenue, there isn’t much we can accomplish.

“We had that person who used his intelligence to move the revenue from just N600 million to billions of naira and today, the state gets multi-billion naira revenue for development. See the infrastructural development in Lagos State now and you will agree that we need people who are experienced and highly exposed for leadership positions.

“Leadership is not about who is old or young. We have had some young governors who have no positive thing to show about the development of their states.

“If you place our country side by side some countries and compare developments in the last 50 years, you would agree that we have challenges. However, we are all leaders in our various spheres. Leadership has to do with the roles you play in your various communities.

“Today, China is a super power because of its growth and development. That is why we have to talk about leadership and the most important thing for us now is to have a leader who understands and can handle our situation such that a man living in a corner in Ipaja, who does not have interest in who the leader is, enjoys what should be simple amenities of life.”

»2023: Elect Leaders Based On Competence — Obasa«

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