Woman’s Bali vape horror story

Woman’s Bali vape horror story

After purchasing a vaporizer on a Bali beach, a scared OnlyFans model told how she first believed she was going to pass away as she had respiratory problems and “knives in her lungs.”

Annie Knight, a Gold Coast resident, advised her 844,000 fans on TikTok not to purchase a “dodgy vape from a dude on a beach” in Bali.

The event, according to Ms. Knight, who claims to be in the top 0.4% of Only Fans authors, was the “worst night of my life.”

When a guy approached her and her companions while they were on vacation in Bali, he offered to sell them vapes.

She first declined him, but subsequently waved him off and requested one.

The TikToker confesses she disregarded multiple warning signs and says the guy who approached her to offer her the vaporizer seemed “very stoned.”

She smiled and said, “I don’t know why alarms didn’t go out in my brain like, “Maybe don’t buy a vape from this man.”

Before another guy came along and offered her change, Ms. Knight had spent $17 on the vaporizer.

Strangely, the guys didn’t remove the box from Ms. Knight until they had stood there and seen her open the vaporizer.

She acknowledged the peculiarity of the situation but said that she was unsure of her decision to disregard the “red signal”.

Ms. Knight said that after taking around 20 puffs of the vape throughout the evening, she began to have breathing difficulties during dinner.

Her pals advised her to quit using the vape after she complained to them about having trouble breathing and aching lungs.

Later, she described how she had breathing issues while lying in bed.

I’m on my back, and as soon as my lungs were halfway full, they felt like they had blades in them. It hurt so much.

Ms. Knight said that she had trouble falling asleep because she was afraid to pass away.

Fortunately, when she woke up the next morning, the pain had subsided to merely discomfort before completely going away the following day.

She said, “Mark my words, I’m never doing that again.” It wasn’t good; I truly believed I was going to pass away, but it’s alright; I’m still here and have been given another opportunity, but I won’t be vaping in the future.

»Woman’s Bali vape horror story«

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