SEVEN MSPs vote against Nicola Sturgeon’s trans law

SEVEN MSPs vote against Nicola Sturgeon’s trans law

Last night, seven of Nicola Sturgeon’s MSPs voted against gender recognition reforms, constituting the largest rebellion in the SNP’s 15-year rule.

Minister of community safety Ash Regan resigned prior to a vote on changes to the Gender Recognition Act.

She stated that her conscience prevents her from voting with the government. Six opposed votes and two abstentions were cast.

The bill aims to make it easier to change gender by eliminating the need for a gender dysphoria diagnosis.

However, it passed its initial test at Holyrood with 88 votes in favor, 33 against, and four abstentions.

Feminist organizations assert that the reforms endanger the safety of women, but the First Minister denies this.

Miss Sturgeon desires to remove medical intervention and a physician’s diagnosis from the process of gender transition.

In addition, her government wants to lower the age limit from 18 to 16 and allow transgender individuals to live in their chosen gender for three months instead of the current two years.

Rachael Hamilton MSP, Scottish Conservative Equalities Spokesperson, stated, “Despite the SNP’s attempt to unite their members, it is clear that many of their own MSPs are deeply concerned about these proposals.”

“The fact that nine SNP members felt compelled to rebel against this contentious legislation demonstrates the gravity of the objections raised by MSPs from across the chamber.”

I applaud Ash Regan’s courage in resigning her ministerial position in order to vote according to her morals. Nonetheless, it is regrettable that two SNP members who voiced objections to these plans in 2019 have chosen to toe the party line rather than defend the legitimate opinions of the majority of the Scottish public.

This issue transcends party lines, so it is extremely disappointing that the other Holyrood parties appear determined to stifle legitimate concerns within their own ranks.

“The Scottish Conservatives will allow free voting at all stages of this debate in order to give this bill the honest, good-faith debate it deserves. I urge other parties to follow our example going forward.”

Miss Sturgeon has spearheaded the effort to introduce the Gender Recognition (Scotland) Bill, and she has denied that the new legislation poses a threat to women.

She was criticized, however, for not allowing her own MSPs to vote according to their conscience on the reforms, instead requiring them to vote in accordance with the party line.

»SEVEN MSPs vote against Nicola Sturgeon’s trans law«

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