Reimagine Sales with Augmented Reality and Machine Learning, a Liminal Experience

Reimagine Sales with Augmented Reality and Machine Learning, a Liminal Experience

Sales is considered the backbone of any business. Yet, the process is quite redundant today with legacy, one way communication mediums like PPTs, brochures and videos. While these collaterals have been an integral part of the process for a long time now, Liminal – a leading AR & VR reality player, is reimagining it as an interactive and intelligent experience.

An AR and Machine Learning driven – sales productivity platform from Liminal named ExploAR, is set to reshape the way sales teams operate across organizations

Liminal’s sales productivity platform, ExploAR, for manufacturers, leverages AR and deep learning, enabling businesses to adopt an immersive product demo, create AR marketing campaigns, and build a robust communication channel with sales teams and distributors.

The platform measures engagement metrics like customer experience, the effectiveness of the pitch, customer behaviour with the product, improvement areas and more – with an underlying goal; increasing customer engagement and deriving intelligence about their experience, understanding, and interest in a product.

Sales, until now, was measured on the base of closure rates – little emphasis was placed on the presentation of information. Also when a representative is pitching a product, he/she receives the first hand response of a potential customer. Such responses are crucial to understand gaps in the product offering, the pitch, sometimes even the brand positioning. However, there is no real mechanism to track and act upon these insights. Sometimes, companies prefer limited sales teams in order to ensure high quality demos and have measurability to the pitches. Organisations need a channel of communication with the last mile sales reps so that they get valuable customer insights, unadulterated responses and scalable sales teams. With ExploAR, this expectation is set to turn into reality.

According to Saketh (Founder, ExploAR), “Our aim is to expand the usability from being a demo tool to becoming a lead generation engine for our customers in near future. On the product front, the platform allows users to upload existing data, assign priority to information to focus on the USP, and create a dynamic product demo that transforms as per the users preference and customer needs.”

To co-create and optimise a sales pitch that captures presence, the ExploAR team understands the solution’s capabilities, fit the right use-case, train the end-users, and lock in all details before delivery. As the platform is designed to be a companys sales team ally, one doesnt need to be tech savvy to operate this product.

While AR and VR are already setting roots in the market, ExploAR’s proposition is uniquely essential because of sophisticated 4D interactive content, business productivity mechanism and much more, in the most primal stage of a companys success – sales.

Already working with big companies to optimise their sales pitch, the uniqueness of ExploAR relies on it being a dynamic product. Every aspect of the content (text, images, videos, feedback forms, etc) can be edited at any point by the user, as it offers aid during in-person product pitches. The platform is constructed to function alongside the priorities of the user and deliver a simplistic UI, as well as to make each pitch better than the last one.

This solution is set to empower organisations to extract the full potential of a high-quality engagement – like a sales pitch. It will enable them to communicate their value proposition interactively, enabling buyers to make quick and informed decisions.

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